An Interview with Sander Slootweg, Forbion Capital Partners: Insights from BIO-Europe® 2015

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Welcome to BIO-Europe® 2015! In this video, Mike Ward, the global director of content for Informa Pharma Insights, interviews Sander Slootweg, the managing partner at Forbion Capital Partners, about their new EUR 120m+ fund dedicated to life science projects. They discuss the fund’s geographical focus, potential companies of interest, and successful exit strategies[^1^].

Forbion Capital Partners is currently in the process of raising their new fund, with a target of reaching EUR 150-200 million by the end of the year[^1^]. The fund’s investment focus will continue to be on biopharma (70%), med tech (30%), and diagnostics[^1^]. They invest in both early-stage and late-stage companies in the life sciences sector, aiming to facilitate commercial rollouts of products in Europe[^1^].

Sander Slootweg discusses the geographical focus of their investments, historically having a focus on North America and Europe, including Canada[^1^]. They have seen a shift in their limited partners, attracting investment from wealthy families and benefiting from European investment funds and local initiatives[^1^]. The firm has a stable investor base, with many returning limited partners[^1^].

In terms of their investment strategy, Forbion Capital Partners typically takes a leading role in syndicates and investments, either as the lead investor or a co-lead investor[^1^]. They are actively involved in setting up companies and projects, partnering with virtual development structures and established management teams[^1^].

When it comes to exit strategies, Forbion Capital Partners aims to shorten the cycle of repayments to investors by strategically timing their investments[^1^]. They strive to provide financial success while contributing to patients’ lives through innovative medical solutions[^1^].

Watch the full interview to learn more about Forbion Capital Partners and their investment strategies in the life sciences sector![^1^]

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Sander Slootweg, managing partner at Forbion Captial Partners, speaks to Mike Ward, global director of content for Informa Pharma Insights, at the recent BIO-Europe partnering meeting in Munich, Germany, about the venture capitalist’s new EUR 120m+ fund dedicated to life science projects. They discuss geographical focus for the cash, potential companies of interest and successful exit strategies.
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