My Journey: Confronting Cancer

**Check out my amazing transformation and journey towards overcoming obesity!**

Welcome back to my channel, it’s your boy, Vegan Cheetah. In this video, I have some fantastic news to share with you all – my obesity is now in remission! It has been a challenging journey, but I am proud of the progress I have made in the past few months.

Around six to eight months ago, when I got off of Suboxone, my appetite skyrocketed, and I strayed away from my vegan diet during a trip to Greece. I must admit, indulging in feta cheese didn’t do me any favors. It was tough not being able to flaunt my abs and share AB shots at the gym or on social media.

However, in the past three months, I turned things around. Even though I still struggle with feta cheese cravings and non-vegan temptations, I decided to tighten up my diet by incorporating intermittent fasting and following a high carb, low-fat vegan lifestyle. I also cut back on soda and energy drinks, which has made a significant difference.

As I currently spend time here in LA before heading back to the East Coast, I feel like I’m starting to achieve the aesthetic I had years ago. My obesity is in remission, but I know there is still work to be done.

Obesity is a prevalent issue in society and has severe consequences for our health. Even being just 30-40 pounds overweight can be detrimental. That’s why I took control of my health at an early stage because I don’t want to face the challenges that come with being overweight later in life.

Many of you have been curious about my transformation and have asked how I achieved it. The answer is simple – high carb, low-fat veganism. Regardless of what critics say, I believe in what works for me and what has worked for me in the past. I find inspiration from various sources, including my mentor and daddy, who has pushed me to stay consistent on this journey, even though he may have criticized me along the way.

Incorporating an ethical component into the vegan diet is still important to me. While I may not have delved deeply into the research surrounding this aspect, I believe veganism aligns with my personal values. However, I also understand that balance and moderation can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Including small amounts of cheese or occasionally enjoying a filet mignon can be acceptable.

Join me in celebrating my remission from obesity and the progress I have made on my weight loss journey. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel for more updates, tips, and inspiration on living a healthy and balanced life!

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  1. You’re a douche bag for saying that you being a little overweight is “cancer”, when people who are actually battling actual cancer would give anything to trade situations with you just because you’re “chubby”?!? What a twisted way of getting views/clicks. You’re a bad person, who should wake up and realize you’re not someone people care to watch or follow. You’re a loser.

  2. Here's the next content idea. Hold a pic of papers on the thumbnail and blurr it and call the vid "I'm getting a restraining order", and allow Marrissa to vent in the first half then give the people what they want and say how this is why you don't like doing no strings attached arrangements because some of these chicks create fantasies in their head. Take no chances bro

  3. the girl you spoke about has made a 5 hour stream about you and Marrissa again and she made new claims about you making threats at her to remove her evidence of you and she also said that Marrissa is paying for you to take online courses? I think Marrissa is being harshly judged because they keep going after her for the way she looks and it's clear that she's still very jealous of her. She says all these terrible things about you yet she says she's madly in love with you. Watch out when you move to VA, I've seen stories about these and you should be careful about how unpredictable this girl is.

  4. Still total calories will determine your weight. Most professional body builders count calories, because they know there is a direct correlation to calories consumed and their size etc, so you could still lose weight on any diet peovided you had the discipline to count calories, but obviously that discipline is lacking so… You're just unable to count calories for whatever reason. You just simply don't want to. It would be inconvenience for your lifestyle. If going low fat high carb vegan lowers your calories without the inconvenience of counting calories then that's what works for you, go for it. I think the desire to over consume bananas and salad and so is less than if you have pizza and burgers in front of you. More importantly, going the higher carb and fiber and less saturated fat route will reduce all cause mortality for you regardless of weight. If your goal is living longer also your making a good decision there. Just keep it going bro.

  5. @Vegan Cheetah You should visit the local Cancer center while on vacation and tell those people getting chemo and radiation treatments about your deadly battle with the 15 pounds you gained in Greece because I’m sure they will feel bad for you.

    I think it’s more important that you lose the narcissistic behavior than the bulge.

  6. I am so glad I hear someone speaking the truth about overweight. It is a big deal and something to get under control. Not something to accept. Ive been very healthy and overweight and healthy again it is alot of work but it is very important and feel like yourself again. I totally agree. Your fiancee is beautiful and awesome. Im so happy for you both. I do the Pescatarian diet also. I like durians energy and passion for what he does but I dont follow his diet. I dont watch him like I use too. Glad he is happy though.

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