360 Capital Group’s Success with Sage Intacct: A Customer Story

# **360 Capital’s New Business Growth Strategy: Leveraging Sage Intacct for Financial Oversight and Integration**

> Are you struggling to manage complex investments, consolidate data, and integrate third-party solutions? Discover how 360 Capital, an ASX-listed investment and funds management group, successfully transformed their financial operations with Sage Intacct on a cloud platform.

## **Why Sage Intacct?**

360 Capital faced numerous challenges due to their rapid growth and expansion. With a diverse product range and global operations, they struggled with manual processes, excel-based workflows, and the inability to record crucial segment information. Additionally, consolidating complex funds operating in foreign currencies became an arduous task. *Source: [Transcript](*

## **Empowered by MicroChannel: The Leading Solution Provider**

MicroChannel, an Asia-Pacific business technology solutions provider founded in 1995, was instrumental in assisting 360 Capital in their digital transformation journey. Their expertise in financial management and technology solutions empowered 360 Capital to focus on their core business while leveraging cutting-edge tools to drive success. *Source: [MicroChannel](*

## **The Power of Sage Intacct**

Having Sage Intacct as their financial management system for the past 18 months has been a game-changer for 360 Capital. From statutory and management reporting to real-time data analysis, Sage Intacct provided the group with critical insights and streamlined their decision-making process. With its ability to handle complex consolidations, segment reporting, and seamless integration with third-party solutions, Sage Intacct emerged as the obvious choice. *Source: [360 Capital’s Success Story](*

## **Kickstart Your ERP Buying Journey**

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360 Capital’s new business growth strategy needed a new system to deliver complex consolidation, segment reporting and integration with third-party solutions. The ASX-listed investment and funds management group have complex investments that needed a complete financial oversight of their business on a cloud platform that would enable information to be accessed at any time and anywhere. Sage Intacct made that all happen.

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