Freedom 101: Embracing the Principles of Compromise

**Principle or Compromise? The Importance and Role of Each in the Foundation of America and Our Future**

Welcome to Freedom 101, a program where we delve into why America is exceptional. It’s not just about good people, but also the Constitution that helps individuals become better. However, the Constitution itself is not everything; it is the principles behind it that truly matter. In this episode, we discuss the significance of principles and why they should take precedence over compromise.

Principles are eternal truths that do not change with circumstances. Take honesty, for example. Can we compromise honesty for good results? While there may be rare cases, the principle of honesty holds true throughout history and is essential for the functioning of society. Think about how honesty impacts government, employment, families, and schools. Without honesty, our society would crumble.

In the last episode, we explored a scenario where compromising honesty seemed necessary to save lives from Nazi Germany. However, violating a principle needs to be corrected eventually. Imagine if the majority had stood up against the atrocities committed by the Nazis – things might have turned out differently. Honesty stems from natural or god-given laws, and we can see the connection between principles and the laws of nature in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Following principles leads to happiness, long-lasting success, and order. Unfortunately, the direction our Congress has taken in recent times shows a lack of adherence to principles, resulting in chaos. By understanding and prioritizing principles, we can work towards a more prosperous future for America.

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Source: [Freedom 101: Principle or Compromise?](

Principle or Compromise? A discussion of which is more important and the role of each in the foundation of America and our future.

This is the Freedom 101 program shown on Pocatello Public Access TV on Nov. 22, 2016

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