Investment by DBIC Ventures in Clarity CX1

# Dublin BIC: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Start and Scale

Dublin BIC is Ireland’s leading start-up accelerator, empowering entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses with a comprehensive range of programmes designed to advance ambitions of early-stage companies. Our collaborative community provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the preparation, support and finance needed to reach their goals.

Our featured start-up, Clarity CX-1, is a ISB partner, providing a solution for strategic account management in the pharmaceutical sector. Their platform enables field account teams to better understand customer accounts, opportunities, and stakeholders, empowering them to engage in more effective, value-based conversations.

With the investment arm of Dublin BIC, Deepik Ventures, leading the way, Clarity CX-1 has the expertise and network needed to move ahead of the competition. Join us today to discover how Dublin BIC can help your start-up realize its full potential.

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Dublin BIC empowers entrepreneurs to start and scale by providing a comprehensive range of programmes specifically designed to advance the ambitions of early-stage companies.

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