“Top Stocks to Keep Your Eye on: DuPont, Nike and KB Home”

DuPont, Nike Inc., and KB Home: Companies to Watch Out for on Friday

DuPont Cuts Profit Outlook

Chemical giant, DuPont, had to lower its second-quarter and full-year profit guidance. Following the worse-than-expected performance of its agriculture unit, the company lowered its earnings outlook. On an extended trading on Thursday, the stock price plunged by 1.9%.

Nike Inc.’s Innovative Moves

Nike is making big technology moves in 2021 with its new innovative patent. This new patent combines various technologies like machine learning, 3D printing, blockchain, and augmented reality to create a unique and customized shoe for every individual customer.

KB Home’s Steady Growth

KB Home, a renowned homebuilding company, showed steady growth over the past month. The company has announced that it has acquired a new property in Pennsylvania for its future homebuilding projects. KB Home stocks currently reflect a positive upward trend.


Investors must keep their eyes on the upcoming movement of DuPont, Nike Inc., and KB Home in the stock market. Each company shows different promises and growth potential. While DuPont may be experiencing some obstacles today, they may present a buying opportunity for investors in the future. Nike Inc.’s innovations and groundbreaking new patents are worth getting excited about, while KB Home’s steady growth makes them a reliable choice for investors.

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