Joe Schorge of Isomer Capital: EUVC #17

# Isomer Capital: The European VC Powerhouse | Part 1: Joe Schorge’s Story

Welcome to **The European VC**! In this two-part episode, we have the honor of speaking with Joe Schorge, the founding and managing partner of Isomer Capital, one of Europe’s strongest Fund of Funds. Joe’s vast experience in technology management, M&A, private equity, and angel investments makes him one of the greats in the industry.

In this first part, we delve into the origin story of Isomer Capital, Joe’s investment thesis, and what it takes to be a great VC. We explore various topics, including:

– The reason behind Joe, an American, launching his fund in Europe and what makes Europe unique in the VC landscape.
– Insights into what limited partners seek in venture capitalists.
– The VC dream team composition, comprising hackers, hipsters, and hustlers.
– Managing the balance between staying open-minded for innovation and leveraging patterns from past successes.
– The value that Isomer Capital brings as a Fund of Funds to their VC portfolio.

Join us as we uncover the secrets to success in venture capital!

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*This podcast episode is based on the transcript of the video available on [YouTube](source)*.

Joe Schorge is the founding and managing partner of Isomer Capital, one of Europe’s absolute strongest Fund of Funds. Joe started his career in technology management positions that got him up close with M&A which led Joe to a whole string of accomplishments PE and VC doing direct as well as fund investments. To top it off, Joe has also made Angel investments. In this first part of a two-part episode we’re truly talking to one of the greats as we dive deep on the origin story of Isomer Capital, his investment thesis and what it takes to be great VC.

In this episode you’ll learn:
-What made Europe so unique that Joe, as an American, had to start his fund here.
-What limited partners look for in venture capitalists.
-What profiles make up the VC dream team – the VC hackers, hipsters and hustlers.
-How looking for innovation implies managing the tension between keeping an open mind and looking for patterns in past successes.
-What value Isomer Capital as a FoF brings to their VC portfolio.

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