Utilizing ChatGPT as an Effective Marketing Tool: Anyword Accurately Predicts Performance

**Anyword Announces Integration with Generative AI Platforms**

Anyword, a leading AI-powered copywriting platform, has announced its integration with generative AI platforms. This integration allows marketers to evaluate whether ChatGPT-generated copy is on-brand and predict its performance with the intended audience. With the AI writing assistant software market expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2030, the use of generative AI in marketing departments is rapidly growing.

**The Growing Popularity of Generative AI in Marketing**

According to a survey conducted by the Chief Marketing Officers, content creation and management are the capabilities that generative AI applications like ChatGPT provide the most value. Additionally, a Sitecore survey found that three in four marketers are considering or already investing in AI to support their marketing and customer experience efforts. Furthermore, a recent survey by revealed that 73% of U.S. marketers utilize generative AI tools to create various types of marketing content.

**Website Copy: The Top Use Case for Generative AI**

Generative AI is most commonly used by marketers to create website copy, with 48% of respondents indicating their interest in utilizing generative AI for this purpose. Other popular use cases include email copy, social media copy, social media images, chatbots, website images, SEO content, blog posts, and marketing collateral.

**Specialized Writing Assistants for Marketers**

Recognizing the demand for generative AI tools in marketing, startups like Jasper are offering writing assistants specifically tailored to meet the needs of marketers. Jasper’s Brand Voice feature allows marketers to fine-tune generative AI content creation to align with their organization’s style and requirements. By following the company’s style guide, Brand Voice ensures the creation of content with the right tone and up-to-date information about the company and its services.

**Tailoring Content to Style, Audience, and Performance**

Anyword takes generative AI content creation one step further by tailoring content not only to a company’s style but also to its intended audience. With its predictive performance score, Anyword analyzes millions of copy pieces to connect the conversion rate, audience profile, and content of the message. Anyword has been providing this service to publishers since 2013 and extended it to marketers in 2021.

**Improved Marketing Performance with Anyword’s Integration**

The integration between Anyword and generative AI platforms combines key brand details, such as tone of voice, brand rules, product and company details, and target audiences, with an instant website scan. This integration enables marketers to create better prompts that result in finely tuned copy optimized for specific marketing results. Anyword’s predictive performance AI model, trained on billions of real marketing data points, provides key demographic and messaging insights and a performance score ranging from 0 to 100. Marketers can also use Anyword’s Boost Performance feature to further improve the engagement and conversions of their copy.


By integrating with generative AI platforms, Anyword empowers marketers to create on-brand and performance-driven copy. With the use of predictive analytics, marketers can significantly increase conversion rates and enhance their overall marketing performance. As the AI writing assistant software market continues to grow rapidly, the integration between Anyword and generative AI platforms represents an exciting opportunity for marketers to leverage the power of AI and analytics in their content creation efforts.

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