Unveiling the Recipe for Successful Funded FoodTech Startups at UPPSTART 2021

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Welcome to our fireside chat on opportunities in the food tech space! In this video, Lauri Reuter from Nordic FoodTech VC and Johan Jörgensen from Sweden FoodTech discuss the secrets behind funding successful food tech companies. Join us as we dive into the minds of investors and explore what they are looking for in the industry.

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In this insightful conversation, Lauri Reuter, a renowned investor and scientist turned VC, shares his expertise on the innovation pathways from academia to the real world. With his experience at BTT and Nordic Food Adventures, Lauri is one of the few pan-Nordic food tech investors, making his insights invaluable.

Johan Jörgensen, the founder of Sweden Food Tech, brings a unique perspective as he helps entrepreneurs and big corporations navigate the future of food. Together, they explore the fascinating world of food tech funding and how to position yourself for success.

Join us as we discuss key components of successful food tech companies. We delve into the importance of doing the right thing for the food system and having the capabilities to bring your vision to life. Lauri emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs and investors to be discerning in their choices, ensuring that their ideas contribute to a sustainable future.

If you’re interested in the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and food, this fireside chat is a must-watch. Gain valuable insights from two industry experts and discover how to attract VC funding for your food tech startup.


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A fireside chat on opportunities in the food tech space through the eyes of a VC very active in FoodTech.

Speakers: Lauri Reuter (Nordic FoodTech VC) & Johan Jörgensen (Sweden Foodtech)

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