GCC Countries Set to Implement Industry 4.0 Solutions by 2023: Vision Golfe Initiative led by Business France

# Vision Golfe: A Look Back at the Success of the 1st Edition!

Welcome to the YouTube video showcasing the first edition of Vision Golfe 2023, the premier business event between France and the GCC countries. This event took place at Bercy, Ministry of Economy and Finance, with over 700 participants, including 350 economic partners from the 6 Gulf countries. Esteemed officials and guest speakers like Bruno Le Maire, H.E Bandar I. Alkhorayef, H.E. Jasem Al Budaiwi, and Laurent Saint-Martin were in attendance.

This video captures the highlights of this groundbreaking event, including the organization of over 1000 business meetings through networking sessions. It is an opportunity for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors to gain insights into the successful collaboration between France and the GCC countries.

Looking ahead, Vision Golfe 2024 promises to be even more impactful and fruitful. Stay tuned for updates and mark your calendars for another memorable edition.

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[Business France](, the national agency for the internationalization of the French economy, proudly presents this video. With a focus on supporting businesses in their international development and exports, Business France promotes France’s economic attractiveness and image.

With a team of 1500 employees in France and 58 countries, Business France leverages its network of partners to facilitate the expansion of French companies globally. As part of the export support reform, Business France now collaborates with private partners to accompany SMEs and ETIs in markets such as Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, the Philippines, and Singapore.

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This video discusses various aspects of manufacturing and its impact on non-oil economies, specifically in the GCC region. The panelists explore the concept of Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution in manufacturing, which leverages technologies like data, AI, and ML to enhance production processes.

The GCC countries have shown a keen interest in deploying advanced technologies to drive sustainable growth and diversify their economies. Initiatives like the Saudi Advanced Manufacturing Hub and the UAE’s Industry 4.0 initiative highlight the region’s commitment to technological advancements in manufacturing.

The video also emphasizes the opportunities for international partners, particularly from France, to collaborate with the GCC countries in advancing manufacturing capabilities and achieving economic goals.

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**Full Transcript:**
Ladies and gentlemen, partners and stakeholders, welcome to the last session before lunch. Today, we have an exciting discussion on manufacturing, a key element in the region’s non-oil economic growth.

Manufacturing, particularly Industry 4.0, represents the fourth Industrial Revolution in manufacturing, powered by smart autonomous systems fueled by data, AI, and ML. The GCC countries are at the forefront of adopting these technologies to enhance their manufacturing capabilities and drive sustainable growth.

We have esteemed panelists with us today who will shed light on their companies’ contributions to manufacturing. Engineer Abdullah, CEO of ibecon group, will share insights into their transformation from an industrial company to a software company, leveraging deep vertical knowledge and digital assets.

Alice Gaynek, Chief Digital and Information Officer at SAR, will discuss SAR’s role in water transition and their ambition to become champions of water transition globally.

Paul Gilmo, CEO of Spare Parts 3D, will highlight their innovative approach to spare parts manufacturing using 3D printing technology.

These panelists exemplify the potential and opportunities in the manufacturing sector, creating jobs, attracting investments, and driving innovation.

Join us as we delve into the world of advanced manufacturing and its impact on the region’s economic landscape.

*Note: The transcript is an extract from the video and may not be verbatim.*

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Vision Golfe: A Look Back at the Success of the 1st Edition!

Throwback to the first edition of #VisionGolfe2023, the main #Business event between #France and the #GCC countries that took place at #Bercy, Ministry of economy and Finance, gathering over 700 participants, including 350 economic partners from the 6 #Gulfcountries and the presence of esteemed officials and guest speakers such as Bruno Le Maire, H.E Bandar I. Alkhorayef, Saudi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, H.E. Jasem Al Budaiwi, Secretary General of the GCC and Laurent Saint-Martin, CEO of Business France.

+ 1000 #business meetings organized through networking sessions between business professionals, entrepreneurs and investors. See you in 2024!

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Business France est l’agence nationale au service de l’internationalisation de l’économie française.
Elle est chargée du développement international des entreprises et de leurs exportations, ainsi que de la prospection et de l’accueil des investissements internationaux en France.
Elle promeut l’attractivité et l’image économique de la France, de ses entreprises et de ses territoires. Elle gère et développe le V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise).
Business France dispose de 1500 collaborateurs situés en France et dans 58 pays. Elle s’appuie sur un réseau de partenaires.
Depuis janvier 2019, dans le cadre de la réforme du dispositif public d’accompagnement à l’export, Business France a concédé l’accompagnement des PME et ETI françaises à des partenaires privés sur les marchés suivants : Belgique, Hongrie, Maroc, Norvège, Philippines et Singapour.
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