Questions You’ve Always Had for VCs – GGV Capital, La Famiglia, EQT Ventures, and Epidemic Sound

**Title: What You Always Wanted to Ask VCs – Insights from Experts in the Industry**

Welcome to “What You Always Wanted to Ask VCs,” a panel featuring top Venture Capitalists Huey Lin from GGV Capital, Judith Dada from La Famiglia VC, Ted Persson from EQT Ventures, and Oscar Höglund from Epidemic Sound. Join us as these industry experts discuss the burning questions you’ve always had but never dared to ask. Learn from their extensive experience and gain valuable insights into the world of venture capital. From pitching to scaling up, technology to entrepreneurship, this panel covers it all. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to hear from the best in the business.

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**Transcript Highlights:**

– Huey Lin, Venture Partner at GGV Capital, shares his journey from being an early PayPal product manager to a founding COO at a firm and later joining GGV Capital.
– Ted Persson, Partner at EQT Ventures, discusses his background as an entrepreneur and design professional before transitioning into venture capital.
– Judith Dada, General Partner at La Famiglia VC, introduces their venture firm based in Berlin, specializing in B2B investments and helping startups go to market.
– The panel acknowledges the evolving nature of venture capital investing and how it has become more structured. However, they emphasize the importance of individual connections and conversations with founders.
– They discuss the professionalization curve and maturity in the ecosystem, while still valuing personal connections and understanding the person behind the pitch.

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What you always wanted to ask the VCs – Huey Lin (GGV Capital), Judith Dada (La Famiglia VC), Ted Persson (EQT Ventures) and Oscar Höglund (Epidemic Sound).

Three Venture Capitalists will take the stage to ask and answer each other the questions you have always wanted to ask from the VCs but never dared. Huey Lin, Venture Partner at GGV Capital, Judith Dada, General Partner at La Famiglia VC, and Ted Persson, Partner EQT Ventures will be joined on the stage by Oscar Höglund, CEO and Co-founder at Epidemic Sound.

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