Unveiling the DIS-INFORMATION BUBBLE: Exploring the work of Caz Margenau and YCBB (YouCantBeatBlue)

# **Join Caz Margenau in Popping the Disinformation Bubble**

Are you concerned about the dangers of misinformation and disinformation? Caz Margenau, co-director of Building Bridges for America, shares her personal story of being disowned by a child who fell under the spell of disinformation. But she didn’t let that stop her. Now, she’s on a mission to take action and wants you to join her.

In this thought-provoking video, Caz delves into the world of disinformation and the importance of media literacy. She reveals insights to help you navigate the digital age, filled with a constant barrage of information, and shares valuable strategies for filtering out the truth from the noise.

To assist you in understanding the impact of politics on your personal life, Caz offers tools and tips on engaging in effective political conversations. She highlights the significance of self-reflection and uncovering the values that drive your political beliefs. By speaking about politics in terms of its real-life implications, you can create meaningful connections and foster empathy in your discussions.

But how do you reach individuals who have fallen deep into the disinformation bubble? Caz shares a powerful metaphor – popping a bubble requires finding just one prick. By repeating your message with persistence and empathy, you can gradually prompt others to question their beliefs and open their minds to change.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation! Join Caz Margenau in Popping the Disinformation Bubble and learn how to combat fake news, engage in productive political discourse, and make a difference in our digital world.

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I know how dangerous Talk to me about misinformation i started a class on disinformation a long time ago before it was a buzzword i have a personal uh connection uh to it because um uh my i i i have a child who um kind of disowned me and the entire family based off of a lot of

Disinformation so there was a rabbit hole um that that they went down and um so i was personally motivated to one understand what was going on you know my kid is a smart kid how how are they believing this stuff Fake news in politics you can’t escape it take for instance this photo about the national guard sleeping at the capitol prior to the inauguration just a few hours after it was taken it popped up on a social media site with this caption reports are coming in from the

Capitol massive gun fight not true and i’m like well if i’m going to do this i’m going to write it all down so i can help others so that’s how i created that training um i call it pop the disinformation bubble the first section is media literacy you know we uh we are

Not very media literate in um this country and it’s actually a global thing this disinformation is not a problem that you’re seeing in america it’s a problem you’re seeing around the world we switched over to this digital age where you know we used to have three

Channels on the tv and now we are just sitting in a soup of information at all times that we need to filter out and we’re really bad at that we’re really bad just the the human brain is just naturally really bad at sorting out that information and determining what is true

So we need media literacy training to be able to understand um being able to help us filter out all of that information that is is coming to us and then the media literacy um the tools and the tips of how to work in this you know filter it out and then

How to engage in this world of algorithms that we now find yourselves in and and but then the other thing is like how do you get people back so so we we walk people through first how to talk politics um with people um in a very effective way

That is um doing some good self-reflection to find out what’s driving you um and and and putting putting with the words to it for those values that are really driving you underneath coming up those stories just personal stories about you know again what is driving you and you know how how

Does politics how does this stuff really walk into your life walk into your home walk into your body how speak about politics in that way we’re not used to doing that you know we’re used to turning on cable news our favorite podcast and hearing about what’s happening in dc we’re used to talking

About politics in terms of horse races we are not used to talking about it in terms of how it actually affects us so there is homework there there’s that takes time to develop and to really be thinking in terms of how this stuff really walks into your house and walks

Into your body i like to say it’s just like unless joe biden walks into your house you don’t get to talk about joe biden you talk about politics and how how it relates you know to you personally first you get informed and then you turn around and you inform others with

Empathy popping the disinformation bubble for other people um it’s really only going to work if you know that person right i wish i could tell you the thing to write in that comment on twitter that is going to get that person just light bulbs to come on and they’re

They’re they’re going to change their ways and it’s like no that’s not the way that psychology works there’s a nice metaphor for it when you think of popping a bubble you know if you push on the bubble from all sides it doesn’t pop you need to just find one prick

That’s how you talk to people you repeat the same thing over and over and over and over and over again and you feel crazy repeating that same thing over and over and over again but that is eventually what is going to get through to make a connection and get people to start to

Question things for themselves you can’t change anybody’s mind they have to change their own mind well this leads them to being able to begin to change their own mind wow this makes so much sense also shows why a lot of what goes on on social media is futility You.

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Caz Margenau, co-director of Building Bridges for America, was disowned by a child who had fallen under the spell of disinformation. She took action. Now she wants you to take action.

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  1. Caz is brilliant. Tawny looks unconcerned with the color test happening in her atmosphere— is she media literate, or not? And how can we learn to recognize and refute "alternative facts" and hyper-manipulated videos made to look as if a familiar person is saying something they never said? (I forget the name of that technique…) Caz is right that media literacy and the ability and knowledge needed to assess the trustworthiness of information is pretty low. And certain unscrupulous elements in society are happy to make it even more difficult to judge a source.
    How do we persuade someone that what we are talking about or sharing is indeed reliable rather than only a loudly shouted opinion?

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