Restriction Imposed: Teslas Excluded from China’s World University Games

**Title: Tesla Vehicles Restricted in Chinese City During World University Games: Here’s What You Need to Know**

**Subheading 1: Chengdu Implements Restrictions on Teslas Ahead of President Xi Jinping’s Visit**

Tesla Inc. vehicles are facing restrictions in certain areas of Chengdu, a major Chinese city, as it prepares to host the World University Games and welcome President Xi Jinping. This move has been confirmed by insiders familiar with the matter, who prefer to remain anonymous due to the non-public nature of the information.

**Subheading 2: Previous Restrictions on Teslas in China**

Over the past few years, Teslas have been prohibited from entering Chinese military complexes, housing compounds, and a district known for hosting Communist Party summer retreats. These restrictions were primarily motivated by concerns over the collection of sensitive data by the vehicles’ built-in cameras. However, Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have pledged to adhere to local data regulations.

**Subheading 3: China’s Significance as a Key Market for Tesla**

China plays a crucial role in Tesla’s global operations, with the company operating a factory in Shanghai that contributes to over half of its worldwide production. Despite the reports of restrictions, Tesla has not provided any comments regarding the situation.

**Subheading 4: Video Evidence of Tesla Driver’s Entry Denial in Chengdu**

A video circulating on the Chinese social network Douyin showcased a Tesla driver being denied entry to a venue in Chengdu. The driver was instructed to comply with an official order related to the World University Games. While the authenticity of the video could not be independently verified by Bloomberg News, it highlights the restrictions faced by Tesla owners in the city.

**Subheading 5: Wider Traffic Restrictions in Chengdu**

In addition to the restrictions imposed on Teslas, Chengdu is implementing broader traffic restrictions during the World University Games, which will continue until August 8th. Certain streets will be closed off to civilian drivers to ensure the smooth execution of the event.

**Subheading 6: President Xi Jinping’s Attendance at the Opening Ceremony**

President Xi Jinping will be present at the opening ceremony of the World University Games in Chengdu. The event will also see the participation of other world leaders, including Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo. The previous edition of the games took place in Naples, Italy, in 2019 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In conclusion, Tesla is facing restrictions on its vehicles in Chengdu, China, as the city prepares to host the World University Games and welcome President Xi Jinping. These restrictions, although related to concerns over data collection, underscore the importance of China as a key market for Tesla. As the games unfold, stricter traffic regulations will also be enforced to ensure the smooth execution of the event.

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