Russell Brand Criticizes Bill Gates and WHO’s Lack of Oversight in Massive Funding

**Title: Where Does the World Health Organization Get Its Funding? Russell Brand Breaks it Down**


In this thought-provoking video, comedian Russell Brand delves into the funding sources of the World Health Organization (WHO) and sheds light on potential influences behind its operations. Brand highlights the words of former WHO director Margaret Chan, who explained that only 30 percent of the organization’s budget comes from predictable funds, while the remaining 70 percent relies on donations. These donations often come with preferences and agendas from the donors.

Of particular interest is the significant contribution made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which alone accounts for 88 percent of philanthropic donations to the WHO. Brand raises questions about the potential influence of such donations, considering Bill Gates’ investments in vaccine technology and the Foundation’s involvement in the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Throughout the video, Brand emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability within the WHO, especially given its global impact. He also discusses the WHO’s initial dismissal of concerns regarding the pandemic’s origins in Wuhan, China, as well as the organization’s evolving stance on key policies.

As viewers follow the money trail, it becomes clear that financial contributions often shape decision-making and priorities. The video underscores the importance of understanding how organizations like the WHO operate, and whether their actions are driven by scientific evidence or the preferences of influential donors.

Join Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave in this eye-opening discussion as they analyze Russell Brand’s insights and explore the implications of funding on the WHO’s operations.

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Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Russell Brand’s latest video on where the World Health Organization gets its funding. #WHO #russellbrand

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  1. Robbie is on the right track. Government "regulation" in general empowers billionaires, by kneecapping those who don't have the money to compete in overly-regulated sectors, and protects large corporations by limiting their liability. Corporate lobbyists write the regulations in the first place and then pass them on to "lawmakers". Taking away that power would create a more even playing field and allow competition from smaller innovative companies.

  2. I've always wondered also iwhy the WhO a flat earth map as their logo with the sorcery symbol on the middle. Is it their way of telling the truth without saying it I wonder. No I don't think earth is a flat disk in the sky and neither do the others that's just media taking it out of context to manipulate the masses. The earth is ground level, not in the sky is what most of us believe. Map or atlas written in the 1500s of the world showing land and openings around the earth. It shows everything here now, some without names cause they weren't discovered yet or named rather. The map was released in 1604 coincidentally the same time kjv Bible was published. So many secrets all these ppl have but don't say them just put them in our face, it's their way of trying to avoid karma. I could write a book so I'll stop lol

  3. we have been taxing the rich for so many years now.. it is on percentage so it increases exponentially depending on how much income they get.. and it does not work.. also, you cannot enforce a wealth cap.. how much wealth is too much wealth?? and they can just put thei wealth on other trustees.. so wont work as well.. the govt policies to prevent regulatory capture by private corporations also does not work.. people in govt are mostly from private corporation backgrounds as well, technocrats , consultants etc. i think constant monitoring and transparency will solve the issues.. also..we need to decouple the politicians from the corporations.. stop the donations.. lessen the election spending.. election compaign shud be organized by the government so theres a level field in campaigning and no leverage from big companies.. everything now is revolving in money and we need to decouple from this practice.. or else the big corporations will rig the system like they always do.

  4. So money is the key at the UN to change agenda 2030 . The UN is the one to read. The 17 goals the UN is pushing NOW . The WEF elites are on board as well. The digital ID tied to your bank accounts is what they want and will push Sept 2024 globally . Look that up. Klaus Schwab likes the Chinese model of control of people. Yes money is the root of all evil and control.

  5. Regulation helps billionaires. It adds hurdles and expenses to doing business. Billionaires can easily afford those costs. Small businesses that want to compete with the billionaires' businesses cannot. Over regulation paves the way for monopolies.

  6. Why doesn’t rising ever talk about the Health Treaty changes that the WHO has been pushing. With this episode it seems that it would be more important that it be discussed publicly. In just a few months we maybe in an agreement that mandates actions to take during a pandemic by individuals at the WHO who are NOT elected!

  7. She is right and he sounds uninformed and dangerously doubting the truth she spoke about the mosquitos. He could learn a lot about the power of old gmo vax pushing power hungry Bill's big bucks, by just looking into the history of the gmo mosquitos. It's been going on for years, in "other" countries, desperate for money after being bilked by big banks for big business, in the name of philanthropy.

  8. Government by nature is slow, wasteful, and seeks more power. The larger the government, the worse those problems become. The government created thousands of billionaires. Taxing them more has always led to lower tax receipts. Government should work for the people, not against them. Shrinking government does not weaken it, and does not mean less oversight, it means greater control by the people.

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