UCLTF Showcase 2022: Leigh Brody, Investor with UCL Technology Fund

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Welcome to the UCLTF Showcase 2022 Panel Discussion on the Life Science stage, chaired by Leigh Brody. In this video, an all-female panel delves into the intriguing question, ‘What does ‘exit’ actually mean in Biotech VC and how is this changing?’ Gain valuable insights from industry experts Cassie Doherty (Parkwalk Advisors), Clare Terlouw (LifeArc), and Mary Canning (Epidarex).

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Today at our showcase, I had the honor and pleasure of chairing an all-female panel. We discussed exits in BC and biotech, exploring what it truly means and how it is evolving. It was fascinating to gain perspectives from three accomplished women representing different funds and experiences.

We delved into seed investing, series A, which is the primary focus of UCL Technology Fund. Additionally, we explored institutional funds and how investment strategies vary from early-stage proof of concept projects to spin-outs. Our panel also examined the role of exits in the public market space.

As you can see from the turnout and the engagement of the audience, the event was a resounding success. Join us as we unravel the complexities of ‘exit’ in the biotech VC landscape.


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On the Life Science stage, the UCL Technology Fund (UCLTF) Showcase 2022 panel discussion was chaired by Leigh Brody. The all-female panel discussed the question, ‘What does ‘exit’ actually mean in Biotech VC and how is this changing?’ as insights were shared by Cassie Doherty (Parkwalk Advisors), Clare Terlouw (LifeArc), and Mary Canning (Epidarex).

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