UCLTF Showcase 2022: Andrew Elder Presents at the AlbionVC-UCL Technology Fund Event

### UCLTF Showcase 2022: Celebrating Innovation and Success in Technology Transfer

Welcome to the UCL Technology Fund (UCLTF) Showcase 2022! Join Dr Andrew Elder, Partner at AlbionVC, and Dr Anne Lane, CEO of UCL Business and UCLTF, as they take you on a journey through the exciting achievements and future plans of our incredible portfolio companies.

This year, we had the pleasure of hosting an in-person showcase after a three-year hiatus. The tech world has evolved rapidly during this time, and it’s truly remarkable to witness the progress made by our portfolio companies in various fields ranging from life sciences to physical and computer sciences.

If you want to catch the highlights of the event or watch interviews with the inspiring individuals who presented and hosted, head over to our curated UCLTF Showcase 2022 playlist on [YouTube](

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Join us in celebrating the impact, intellectual property, and success generated through our partnership with AlbionVC, UCL Business, UCL Innovation & Enterprise, and other stakeholders. Together, we are driving breakthroughs in technology transfer, spinouts, and venture capital.

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**Full Transcript of the Video**:
It was great to have another real-life showcase after three years. The tech world has gone crazy in the interim, but it’s wonderful to see our portfolios and future investments. We had two streams today, one for life sciences and the other for physical and computer sciences. The presentations ranged from fully financed companies to scientists and researchers, and we even had engaging panel discussions with PCS engine investors and ecosystem experts.

One of the highlights of the day was the diverse range of participants, from passionate scientists discussing small proof of concepts to student teams from companies that have raised significant capital. Witnessing this full spectrum of innovation and development made possible by our fund truly showcases the immense potential for commercializing research from UCL.

Thank you for joining us in this exceptional celebration of innovation and success. Remember to explore the UCLTF Showcase 2022 playlist on YouTube and stay connected with us through our website, Twitter, and LinkedIn for further updates and opportunities.

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Dr Andrew Elder (Partner, AlbionVC, UCL Technology Fund) and Dr Anne Lane (CEO, UCL Business, UCL Technology Fund) welcomed guests to the Showcase, who then proceeded into the Life Science and the Physical Science auditoriums to hear from some of UCLTF’s portfolio companies; each company spoke about their achievements so far, and plans to continue their success in the future.

To watch the highlights, or interviews of individuals who presented or hosted the event, visit the UCLTF Showcase 2022 playlist on YouTube:

If you would like to know more about what happened on the day, read more in our article on the UCLTF website:

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