Twitter in Chaos: Unraveling the Unprecedented Turmoil

**Twitter Rebranding as X: What You Need to Know**

In April, Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of rebranding Twitter Inc. as X Corp. This rumor was confirmed when Musk changed his profile picture to an “X.” It seemed that Musk’s plan was to transform Twitter into an all-encompassing app similar to Tencent’s WeChat in China. This new rebranding would involve integrating various services, such as messaging, image sharing, video conferencing, games, and mobile payments. The intention was to fuel the app through subscriptions rather than relying on advertisers.

**The Speed of the Rebranding**

What caught many off guard was the unexpectedly swift rebranding process. Musk, along with Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino, planned to immediately transition Twitter into X without giving existing users any warning or preparing them for the change.

**The Incongruity of the Rebranding**

Yaccarino appeared to confirm the rebranding by posting an image of the Twitter headquarters with a large “X” projection. However, the text at the top of the image still referred to “tweet” and “Linda Yaccarino Retweeted.” This inconsistency raised questions about the removal of Twitter and its associated terms from the platform.

**The Importance of Brand Equity**

Twitter has spent years building brand equity through its iconic blue bird logo, unique nomenclature, and symbols like tweets, retweets, DMs, hashtags, and followers. All of this brand meaning is now being replaced by the symbol “X,” which leaves users questioning how to navigate and understand this unknown entity.

**The Unknown Language of “X”**

Musk mentioned that tweets would be replaced by “x’s.” However, it remains unclear what exactly this means. Are “x’s” meant to represent kisses? It also raises concerns regarding discussing posts on podcasts or relaying stories. Referring to posts as “x’s” could be confused with “exes,” giving the impression of severed relationships. This new language lacks the friendliness and chattiness associated with tweets.

**The Significance of Branding**

Branding plays a vital role in establishing relationships between companies and customers. Rebranding is more than just changing a logo; it alters the connection a company has with its customers. Therefore, the instigator must be certain about the new relationship they want to create.

**The Risk of Mishandling the Rebranding**

Despite ambitious plans for the X app, the rebranding from Twitter to X must be handled carefully. Fans of Twitter are losing the familiarity, notoriety, and colloquiality that made the platform popular and addictive. It remains unclear what users will gain in return, potentially leading to a failed product if the rebranding is mishandled.

**The Astonishing Decision**

Experts in brand effectiveness expressed astonishment at Musk’s decision to rebrand without considering the collective wisdom of how brands work. Musk’s approach seemingly devalues the power of branding and focuses solely on product performance. However, a strong brand serves the purpose of uniting employees around a shared mission and knowing who they are serving. The irony lies in the fact that “X” symbolizes an unknowable entity.

**The Ambiguity for Existing Users**

As existing users open the app, they are greeted with a prominent “X” in the top left corner. While Twitter’s URL still bears the name, the fundamental question “What is happening?” remains. This lack of clarity leaves users unsure about what to post.

In conclusion, Twitter’s rebranding as X poses a significant challenge due to the suddenness and lack of communication to existing users. Musk’s vision of creating an all-encompassing app must be carefully executed to preserve the positive aspects that made Twitter popular while introducing new features. The success of this rebranding ultimately hinges on whether users embrace the unknown “X” and its associated changes.

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