Twitch Influencer’s Gaming Gear Contest Ignites Chaotic Scene in NYC

**Thousands Descend on Manhattan’s Union Square for Chaotic Giveaway**

An internet personality’s much-hyped giveaway in Manhattan’s Union Square turned into a chaotic scene on Friday. The event drew thousands of people, with some in the crowd engaging in destructive behavior and clashes with police. Aerial TV news footage captured the surging crowd running through the streets, climbing structures in the park, and snarling traffic. Teenagers were seen swinging objects at car windows, and individuals climbed on top of moving vehicles. Despite police efforts to regain control, small skirmishes continued to break out. The NYPD did not provide specific information regarding injuries or arrests.

**Social Media Promotion Creates Excitement and Disruption**

The streamer responsible for the event, Kai Cenat, advertised the giveaway on his Instagram feed, where he has a following of 6.5 million. The promotion promised a chance to win items such as gaming consoles and a gaming chair, along with the opportunity to see the popular streamer. Many attendees, like Skylark Jones and her friend, went to the event hoping to acquire these prizes. However, upon arrival, they encountered a packed scene and witnessed commotion and bottle-throwing before Cenat even made an appearance.

**The Phenomenon of Kai Cenat**

Kai Cenat, 21, is a well-known video creator with millions of followers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. He livestreams regularly and his content includes comedic vlogs and daily life videos. Cenat’s popularity has earned him numerous accolades, including being named streamer of the year at the Streamy Awards. Despite his success, attempts to reach his representatives for comment on the Union Square chaos were unsuccessful.

**Cenat Urges Safety Amidst Chaos**

During the event, Cenat livestreamed on Twitch from his vehicle and showcased the gift cards he intended to give away. Observing the large crowd and police presence, he voiced concern for everyone’s safety and urged caution. Eventually, he and his entourage left their vehicle and navigated through the excited crowd to enter the park, before the stream abruptly ended.

**Eyewitness Accounts Paint a Chaotic Picture**

Carina Treile, the manager of a nearby eyeglass shop, described the scene outside her store as chaotic and unprecedented. Normally, giveaways are organized events, but this one proved to be anything but. Treile revealed that there were loud bangs that frightened the crowd, and she was forced to lock her store due to the ongoing police operations.

**Police Efforts to Restore Order**

Police attempted to control the situation by using batons and metal barricades to push back the unruly crowd. They also issued multiple warnings through loudspeakers, declaring the gathering unlawful and ordering people to disperse. Despite their efforts, it took considerable time to regain control of the area completely.


The Union Square giveaway organized by internet personality Kai Cenat resulted in chaos and clashes with police. Thousands of people attended the event, with some engaging in destructive behavior and skirmishes. It is crucial for event organizers to prioritize safety measures and ensure that crowd control protocols are in place to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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