Indico Blue Fund: Riding the Waves

## 🌊 Celebrate #WorldOceansDay with us! 🌊
Welcome to Indico, your ultimate destination for all things ocean-related! As ocean enthusiasts, we are dedicated to preserving the ocean, which functions as a vital life source on planet Earth. In fact, our passion for the ocean inspired our very name, Indico!

Introducing the #IndicoBlueFund, our initiative aimed at supporting startups and SMEs in the #BlueEconomy. We prioritize companies with a strong focus on sustainability, as we firmly believe in striving for not just good, but better! 💪

The Portuguese maritime ecosystem presents an abundance of opportunities, resources, and innovation. It is with great pleasure that we collaborate with our esteemed partners to harness these advantages and protect our stunning oceanic treasures. 🐳

Join us in our ongoing mission to safeguard the ocean’s well-being by watching this captivating video and exploring our mesmerizing content. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the world’s oceans!

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Discover more about our dedication to preserving the ocean on our website: **[Indico Website](**

It’s #WorldOceansDay and as you probably know by now, we are big ocean people here at Indico (hence our name!) 🌊 We are committed to preserving the ocean, which is one of the most valuable life sources on planet Earth 🌍 So, we created the #IndicoBlueFund to do just that – supporting startups and SMEs in the #BlueEconomy, which have a strong #sustainable focus and want to do not just good but better 💪 The Portuguese maritime ecosystem is brimming with opportunity, resources and innovation; together with our partners we are happy to help leverage it and preserve our beautiful ocean 🐳 Join us!

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