Toucan Toco receives investment from ISAI Capgemini Venture

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## ISAI Cap Venture Invests in Data Storytelling Startup Toucan Toco | €12 Million Funding Round

ISAI Cap Venture, a prominent investment firm, has announced their first minority investment in Toucan Toco, a cutting-edge startup specializing in data storytelling. This strategic investment is part of Toucan Toco’s inaugural funding round, which has secured an impressive €12 million in total investments. Leading this funding round is Balderton Capital, a highly respected venture capital firm.

With this funding injection, Toucan Toco aims to accelerate the distribution of their innovative technology in both Europe and the United States. Additionally, the focus will be on developing new ready-to-use applications, further strengthening their position as a frontrunner in the data storytelling industry.

The scale and potential of the global venture capital market is expected to reach a staggering €950 billion by 2025[^1^]. Therefore, this minority investment into Toucan Toco is an incredible opportunity for ISAI Cap Venture to solidify their collaboration and establish intimacy with this rapidly growing and forward-thinking startup. It is important to highlight that for ISAI Cap Venture, this investment is not solely about financial gain, but rather about building a strategic relationship with Toucan Toco.

Under this partnership, a strategic agenda has been set out with Capgemini, focusing on three key elements. Firstly, creating a go-to-market approach for the new strategic offerings from Capgemini. This will enable Toucan Toco to expand its reach and impact a broader market. Secondly, by entering new countries, Toucan Toco hopes to establish themselves as a global player in the data storytelling landscape. Finally, this collaboration will enable Toucan Toco to reach out to their existing clientele and provide them with the necessary tools and insights to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, this partnership will foster a culture of performance and data-driven decision-making within organizations.

For Toucan Toco, this partnership is truly a game changer. It will empower them to cater to their clients’ specific needs and support them in executing critical transformations with confidence and proficiency. Together, ISAI Cap Venture and Toucan Toco are committed to making a remarkable difference.

Let’s make it happen!

[^1^]: [Investment Trends in the Venture Capital Market](

ISAI Cap Venture has made its first minority investment in Toucan Toco as part of the data storytelling startup’s first-ever round of funding of €12 million, led by Balderton Capital. The investment will help Toucan Toco to accelerate the distribution of its technology in Europe and in the US, and to focus on developing new ready-to-use applications.

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