Title: Deepki CEO Vincent Bryant on Axeleo Capital & RENT Proptech Index

# Discover the Future of Proptech and Real Estate Innovation with RENT2022!

Get ready for the most exciting and innovative event in the world of real estate – RENT2022! Join us on our website at or at to learn about the latest trends and developments in the proptech industry. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to stay updated on all the news and updates leading up to the event.

At RENT2022, industry leaders and experts will come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the real estate industry as it transitions towards a net-zero economy. One of the biggest challenges of the past year has been collecting and utilizing all the crucial data required to effectively manage portfolios and monitor ESG performance. But with innovative companies like Pavillon 6 and DeepKey, the future of proptech is looking brighter than ever.

If you’re interested in joining the proptech revolution and creating new and exciting innovations in the field of real estate, then you won’t want to miss RENT2022! Contact us at [email protected] for any questions you may have.

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At DeepKey, our goal is to help the real estate industry transition towards a net-zero economy. In the past years, we’ve overcome some significant challenges, including collecting all the necessary data to get a comprehensive overview of portfolio ESG performance. But we’re not stopping there – our next big challenge is deploying our platform worldwide to create more successful proptech innovations.

If you’re thinking about entering the proptech industry, our advice is to focus on practical customer use cases and start small. Even starting with services before deploying a platform can make all the difference. And luckily, with the European regulatory framework, there are plenty of opportunities to create innovative solutions.

So join us at RENT2022 to discover the future of proptech and real estate innovation!


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