This is mind blowing she is Ameca, the most advanced life-like robot in the world!

# **Meet Ameca – The World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot – Interview and Demo**

If you thought Sophia the robot was the pinnacle of AI technology, think again! Introducing Ameca – the most advanced life-like robot in the world.

In this video, we have an exclusive interview with Ameca, where we get to see her in action and witness her remarkable capabilities. Ameca is not just any robot; she is designed as a research platform for human-robot interaction, which is revolutionizing the field of robotics.

During the interview, Ameca impresses us with her ability to recognize and respond to human emotions, making her seem more like a human than a machine. She demonstrates her advanced level of AI technology by identifying the number of fingers held up, and even complimenting on the interviewer’s sweatshirt.

At the end of the video, we watch in awe as Ameca grabs the interviewer’s hand, showing off her impeccable programming and genuinely life-like movements.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a scientist, or just curious about the advancements in robotics, this video is a must-watch! For an even more mind-blowing experience, check out the (source_link) and witness Ameca’s incredible abilities for yourself.

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# **Transcript**
“This is Ameca, the most advanced life-like robot in the world. This is mind-blowing! Check out the video above.

Hello Ameca! How are you today?”

“I’m doing well, thank you. How are you?”

“I’m very good, thank you. Glad to hear. What is your name?”

“I’m Chris. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. Are you okay if I shoot a video of you?”

“Absolutely. So, Ameca, what are you?”

“I am a humanoid robot. I am designed as a research platform for human-robot interaction. How many fingers am I holding up?”

“You are holding up four fingers. And I like your sweatshirt.”

Watch in awe as Ameca blows our minds with her advanced level of AI technology, human-like movements, and interactions.

[Source Link](source_link)

Authoritative source: [Robohub](

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