Building Instructable Agents: Insights from Aidan Gomez, Founder and CEO of Cohere

## Title: Building Instructable Agents for AI: Interview with Aidan Gomez, Founder and CEO of Cohere


In this episode of the Robot Brains Podcast, host Pieter Abbeel interviews Aidan Gomez, Founder and CEO of Cohere. Aidan is a renowned AI researcher and entrepreneur, known for his contribution to the original Transformer neural network paper, which has had a significant impact on the field of AI over the past decade.

The conversation covers various topics related to building instructable agents and large language models (LLMs). They delve into the capabilities of LLMs, their applications in natural language processing, and their potential for revolutionizing industries such as computer vision, speech recognition, and more.

Aidan shares insights on prompt engineering, the compute and data requirements for LLMs, adoption and use cases, and taking action beyond responding with text. He also explores the competitive landscape and opportunities for LLMs, including the development of multi-lingual LLMs.

Additionally, Aidan provides an overview of Cohere, a non-profit organization funded by Cohere, and its mission to make natural language processing accessible to developers through its tools and APIs.

The interview highlights the significance of the original Transformer paper, titled “Attention is all you need,” discusses the potential for new neural network architectures, and even delves into Aidan’s personal journey as an AI pioneer, from growing up on a maple farm to his groundbreaking research.

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S3 E4 Cohere Founder CEO Aidan Gomez: How to build Instructable Agents (Host: Pieter Abbeel)

What’s in this episode:
00:00:00 – Aidan Gomez
00:01:09 – sponsors: Index Ventures, Weights and Biases
00:02:08 – transformers, LLMs, capabilities
00:08:22 – Command and Instruct models: going beyond the language statistics represented on the internet
00:13:10 – prompt engineering
00:17:43 – compute and data requirements
00:19:28 – adoption and use cases
00:23:45 – taking action beyond responding with text
00:25:44 – LLMs competitive landscape and opportunities
00:30:17 – multi-lingual LLM
00:34:31 – Cohere for AI: non-for-profit org funded by Cohere
00:39:21 – the original Transformer paper: Attention is all you need
00:43:58 – potential for new NN architectures
00:48:36 – Aidan: from growing up on a maple farm to AI pioneer
00:51:47 – starting in AI today

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Host: Pieter Abbeel (
Production: Bo Obradovic.

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