The Raffaele Mauro di Primo Space Fund – The Space as a New Frontier for Enterprises | BFF 2023

# Space Economy: Challenges, Innovations and Business Opportunities Explored by Raffaele Mauro

In this interview for Forbes, Raffaele Mauro, co-founder and general partner of Primo Space Fund, a venture capital firm specialized in the space economy, shares insights into the challenges, innovations, and business opportunities that technology is bringing to the sector. Primo Space invests in startups that focus on space-related infrastructure, including satellites and other technologies, with high potential for growth and impact on industries such as agriculture, logistics, transportation, and internet access.

Mauro explains how there is a growing trend towards the liberalization of space exploration and the increasing involvement of private companies and startups. He highlights the significance of the data generated by space infrastructure and its potential for creating value in a wide range of industries. For instance, data collected from satellites can be combined with other traditional data sources to estimate climate risks, such as floods and other natural disasters.

Primo Space’s latest investment in a company called Eolian exemplifies the potential of data for creating solutions to problems related to climate change and environmental protection. The company combines socio-demographic, hydrological, and geographic data with satellite data to develop models for predicting and mitigating climate risks in specific areas.

According to Mauro, the space economy has been a relatively untapped investment opportunity in Europe until recently, with few venture capital firms specialized in the sector. However, with Primo Space’s success and the growing number of startups focusing on space infrastructure, the situation is changing rapidly. Mauro encourages European entrepreneurs and startups to explore this field, which he considers one of the most innovative and exciting sectors for investment and growth.

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Space economy: le sfide, le innovazioni e le opportunità di business generate dalla tecnologia spaziale approfondite da Raffaele Mauro, co-founder & general partner di Primo Space Fund, fondo di venture capital specializzato nella space economy.

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