Is it logical to transition to a non-traited seed after utilizing SmartStax® technology?

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## Protect Your Corn from Rootworms with SmartStax Technology

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If you’re a farmer in the corn rootworm zones, you understand the importance of safeguarding your corn crop. Rootworm damage can lead to devastating economic consequences. That’s why smart farmers in these zones rely on the proven effectiveness of SmartStax technology.

With SmartStax, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen the best traits to protect your corn. Whether you’re growing corn on corn or in Iowa, SmartStax technology offers unparalleled defense against rootworms.

Here’s why SmartStax is the go-to solution for corn growers:

1. **Unmatched Protection**: SmartStax technology provides superior defense against rootworms, ensuring that your corn crop remains healthy and productive.

2. **Economically Smart**: In today’s challenging agricultural landscape, farmers cannot afford for their traits to fail. SmartStax offers the reliability and durability needed to withstand rootworm attacks, safeguarding your investment.

3. **Field-Proven**: Backed by years of extensive research and development, SmartStax technology has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in protecting corn crops. Countless farmers have chosen SmartStax as their trusted ally in combating rootworm damage.

Don’t let rootworms compromise your corn yield and profit. Embrace SmartStax technology and fortify your corn crop like never before.

[Learn more about SmartStax technology](insert link) and make an informed decision to protect your corn from rootworms.

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**Transcript of the Video:**

“If you grow corn in Iowa, you’ve seen rootworms, you’ve seen rootworm damage. And most growers are probably more sensitive now, given the way the economics are. If you are growing corn on corn, you are going to put the best traits you can out there because you can’t afford that trait to fail.”

Farmer’s can’t afford for their traits to fail. That is why farmers in corn rootworm zones choose SmartStax technology to protect corn.

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