Tesla Cybertruck production commences, four years after Musk revealed the groundbreaking prototype

**Tesla’s First Cybertruck is Built After Four Years**

Tesla Inc. has finally built its first Cybertruck, almost four years after Elon Musk unveiled the electric pickup truck prototype. In November 2019, Musk showcased the wedge-shaped truck and initially planned to start production two years later. However, the company faced challenges in ramping up production due to the radical design and the use of stainless steel for the vehicle’s body.

**Challenges in Production and Design**

Elon Musk has acknowledged the difficulties in making the Cybertruck cost-effective and manufacturing-friendly. The stainless steel body material is expensive and presents challenges in shaping and welding. Despite these challenges, Musk sees the Cybertruck as a significant addition to Tesla’s production lineup.

**Three Configurations of the Cybertruck**

Initially, Tesla planned to sell the Cybertruck in three configurations. These included a single-motor version with over 250 miles of range starting at $39,900, a dual-motor model with over 300 miles of range starting at $49,900, and a tri-motor iteration with over 500 miles of range starting at $69,900. However, in October 2021, Tesla inexplicably removed the pricing and specifications from its Cybertruck order page.

**Delayed Information on Specs and Pricing**

When asked for updated specifications and pricing, Elon Musk deferred and stated that the information would be revealed during a Cybertruck handover event scheduled for the end of the third quarter. This event will provide customers and enthusiasts with the details they have been eagerly awaiting.

**Competition from Other Electric Pickup Trucks**

Since Tesla’s initial Cybertruck unveiling, several competitors have entered the electric pickup truck market. Ford Motor introduced an electric version of its popular F-150, General Motors began selling its GMC Hummer EV pickup, and Rivian Automotive launched its R1T truck. This increased competition has put pressure on Tesla to deliver its Cybertruck and stay ahead in the evolving electric vehicle market.

**Analyst Projections and Concerns**

Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner expects Tesla to deliver 2,000 Cybertrucks this year. However, this number is only a fraction of Rosner’s projection of 1.78 million total vehicles for the company. He questions whether the Cybertruck will significantly boost Tesla’s profitability due to the challenges of optimizing production and the need for larger battery packs to support towing. Rosner’s report suggests that these factors may create headwinds for Tesla’s margins in the latter half of the year.

**Upcoming Earnings Announcement**

Tesla is set to release its second-quarter earnings results on July 19. This announcement will shed light on the company’s financial performance, including any updates on the production and delivery progress of the Cybertruck.

Overall, the unveiling and production of Tesla’s first Cybertruck marks a significant milestone for the company. However, challenges remain in terms of production, pricing, and competition in the electric pickup truck market. Tesla enthusiasts and investors eagerly await further updates on the Cybertruck’s specifications and potential impact on the company’s profitability.

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