Day Two of the XVII Edition of the Best Practices Award

📹 **Video Recap | Day Two | XVII Edizione**

Welcome to the recap of Day Two of the XVII Edizione of the PeopleIdeasFuture #PremioBP17! In this video, we’ll be sharing highlights from the second day of the event, including the first session on agrotec projects and the exciting Grintec session in the afternoon. Stay tuned as we wrap up the day by announcing the winner of the 17th edition of this prestigious award.

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#### 🌱 Promoting Environmental Conservation

Throughout the video, we emphasize the importance of our collective responsibility to protect the environment and the Earth. We firmly believe that we are not the masters of this planet, but rather its guests, and it is our duty to respect and preserve it.

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#### Recap of the Day

The video kicks off with enthusiastic applause, setting the tone for the exciting events that unfolded. The Day Two recap showcases the energy and dedication of all the participants and project creators who are making a difference in their respective fields.

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#### Join Us for Day Three

As we wrap up Day Two, we invite you to join us for the upcoming sessions and the final announcement of the winner for the 17th edition of the award. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness groundbreaking ideas and the future of innovation.

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📹 Video Recap | Day Two | XVII Edizione

#PeopleIdeasFuture #PremioBP17

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