Showcasing Venture Capital with Dr. Jos B Peeters

**Title:** Investing in Clean Technology Portfolios – Expert Insights by Dr. Jos B. Peeters

## Description:
Welcome to Clean Technology Investment World Asia 2012! In this enlightening presentation, Dr. Jos B. Peeters, the Managing Partner of Capricorn Venture Partners, Belgium, shares his expertise on clean technology investment portfolios.

Dr. Peeters delves into the investment goals and criteria he considers when seeking prospective partnerships in the thriving cleantech industry. Discover the valuable insights and strategies that can help you make informed investment decisions in this rapidly evolving sector.

For further information, please visit [Terrapinn](, the organizers of the Clean Technology World Asia event.

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## Key Topics Covered in this Video:

– Clean technology investment portfolios
– Investment goals and criteria
– Prospective partnerships in the cleantech industry

## Timestamps:
– 00:00 – Introduction
– 01:12 – Importance of clean technology investment portfolios
– 04:58 – Investment goals for sustainable growth
– 08:27 – Criteria for prospective partnerships
– 12:15 – Q&A session with Dr. Jos B. Peeters
– 17:43 – Conclusion and key takeaways

## Transcript:
[Click here](transcript.pdf) to access the full transcript of this video.

## Additional Resources:
– [Clean Technology World Asia](
– [Clean Technology Investment Trends](
– [Sustainable Investment Strategies](

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into clean technology investing from one of the industry’s leading experts! Watch the full video now and start shaping your investment strategy for a greener and more sustainable future.

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At the Clean Technology Investment World Asia 2012, Dr. Jos B. Peeters, Managing Partner of Capricorn Venture Partners, Belgium gave a presentation on portfolios, investment goals and criteria for prospective partnerships he is looking for in the cleantech industry.

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