Q&A with Jos B. Peeters, Belgium’s Capricorn Venture Partners’ Managing Partner

**[Cleantech Investment World Asia 2012](** – An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jos B. Peeters, Managing Partner of Capricorn Venture Partners

Are you interested in clean technology and its potential to address the growing resource and energy efficiency challenges worldwide? Join us in this illuminating interview with Dr. Jos B. Peeters, renowned Managing Partner of Capricorn Venture Partners, Belgium.

Dr. Peeters shares his insights on the pressing need for breakthrough technologies in solving these global challenges. However, he highlights the capital-intensive and time-consuming nature of taking these technologies from development to full-scale industrial production. The cleantech sector faces significant hurdles in accessing both infrastructure finance and venture capital finance, limiting its potential for growth.

The interview also delves into the promising future of renewable energy, which has witnessed a temporary correction in the photovoltaic (PV) market. Dr. Peeters believes that with the reduction in PV prices, this sector has become highly competitive and will experience substantial growth. Additionally, he identifies the emerging area of green or sustainable chemistry as another significant growth opportunity for clean technology.

Cleantech Investment World Asia 2012, where this interview took place, has been hailed as an excellent event, impressively organized and managed. It has provided valuable networking opportunities and allowed Dr. Peeters to connect with esteemed Asian colleagues. While panel discussions have been insightful, he suggests that allowing more time for questions would enhance the overall experience for attendees.

Ready to gain exceptional knowledge about clean technology and its financial landscape? Don’t miss this engaging interview with Dr. Jos B. Peeters, a thought leader in the field of cleantech investment.

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At Cleantech Investment World Asia 2012, we interviewed Dr. Jos B. Peeters, Managing Partner of Capricorn Venture Partners, Belgium

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