Seventure : investissez dans l’innovation de la santé numérique avec le FCPI Vie Numérique & Santé 2020-2021

**Title:** A Guide to Seventure Partners’ Innovation Investment Fund – Vie Numérique et Santé 2020-2021


Welcome to Seventure Partners’ YouTube channel! In this video, Olivier Mespoulet, Director of Development and Communication at Seventure Partners, provides in-depth insights into the company’s investment strategy and the benefits of their innovation investment fund – Vie Numérique et Santé 2020-2021. If you’re interested in availing the fiscal advantages offered by this fund, make sure to subscribe before the end of the year!

Seventure Partners, a renowned investment company established in 1997, specializes in innovation, particularly in digital technologies and life sciences. With an impressive portfolio of 850 million euros under management, they have become a leading player in the industry.

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**Key Points:**
– Avantage fiscal
– Défiscalisation
– Fonds
– Innovation

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**Full Transcript of the Video:**


Hello and welcome to another episode of Tendances de fonds. Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Olivier Mespoulet, Director of Development and Communication at Seventure Partners. Let’s start with a brief introduction to Seventure – an investment company established in 1987, specializing in innovation, particularly in digital technologies and life sciences. With an impressive portfolio of 850 million euros under management, these domains of expertise are naturally reflected in their innovation investment fund we’ll be discussing today – FCPI Vie Numérique et Santé 2020-2021.

Now, let’s dive into the specifics. What types of companies form this fund, and how does Seventure go about selecting them?

Thank you, Laurent. When it comes to selecting companies for investment, we have around 15 companies in mind, primarily operating in the digital technologies and life sciences sectors. These are high-growth sectors with significant potential. In a year, we encounter approximately 2,500 to 3,000 companies. While we may not meet all of them, we receive their proposals and conduct around 800 interviews with founders and project leaders. The selection process focuses on quality individuals who possess the capacity to navigate the challenging stages of growth, and expertise that aligns with our preferences for testing and challenging. Furthermore, we assess the potential of these companies to deliver successful outcomes in 3 to 5 years, sometimes even up to 10 years.

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To discover more about the dynamic ecosystem and gain visibility, we participate in events organized by accelerators and engage with startup founders and project leaders. This allows fruitful collaborations and mutual recognition. Over the past 25 years, we have acquired a strong reputation, having accompanied 130 companies throughout their entire journey.

With offices in England, Germany, Switzerland, and France, we aim to cover Europe and focus on sectors such as life sciences with systematic global outreach. In addition, we proactively seek out innovative companies in priority sectors where we believe our expertise is valuable.

Now, let’s address a pertinent question. Why limit the fund to digital technologies and life sciences rather than embracing a broader scope of innovation across Europe and beyond?

Indeed, we recognize that being experts in all sectors is unrealistic. We believe these sectors are already sufficiently broad and, as demonstrated during recent crises, they continue to witness constant innovation. The relevance and potential of digital technologies and healthcare are evident in our daily lives. By choosing these sectors, we also achieve a more balanced risk distribution, as they complement each other. Moreover, these sectors act as incubators for emerging market players that financially contribute towards the entire ecosystem. With IPOs, financial acquisitions, and industrial acquisitions, this globalized ecosystem ensures promising investment opportunities for our fund.

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Of course, risk is an important consideration when investing in innovation. Despite the fact that past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance, how have Seventure’s previous funds fared?

Indeed, our funds involve risks. At Seventure, we manage and limit risks through our experienced team of portfolio managers. By diversifying our investments across approximately 15 holdings, we aim to balance risk in our portfolio. Additionally, our team is skilled at identifying potential investments at lower valuations, ensuring a more favorable risk-reward ratio.

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Thank you for watching this guide to Seventure Partners’ innovation investment fund – Vie Numérique et Santé 2020-2021. For more information, visit Seventure’s official website and stay tuned for future videos exploring the world of investment and innovation.

Remember, to benefit from the fiscal advantage, make sure to subscribe to the fund before the end of the year.

Société d’investissement créée en 1997, Seventure Partners est spécialisée dans l’innovation notamment dans les technologies digitales et les sciences de la vie avec 850 millions d’euros d’encours sous gestion. Elle propose aujourd’hui le fonds commun de placement dans l’innovation Vie numérique et Santé 2020-2021. Cet investissement permet de profiter d’un avantage fiscal pour une souscription avant la fin de l’année. Les explications de Olivier Mespoulet, directeur développement et communication chez Seventure Partners.


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