Retirement Insights from William McQuillan, Founding Partner of Frontline Ventures, About VCs

**Title**: The European VC: Insights from William McQuillan, Founding Partner of Frontline Ventures

**Description**: Are you curious about the world of venture capital (VC) and the opportunities it offers to both VCs and founders? In the 6th episode of The European VC podcast, we sit down with William McQuillan, the youngest VC partner in Europe and the founding partner of Frontline Ventures.

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of VC as William shares valuable insights and learnings. Discover why many people are drawn to VC, whether it’s to retire comfortably or to build successful companies. With the industry evolving, it’s no longer the case for the majority of VC partners, thanks to the emergence of talented new managers across Europe.

Tune in for an intellectually stimulating discussion on the ever-evolving world of venture capital. Whether you’re a VC professional or a founder, this episode is packed with wisdom that can guide you towards success.

Listen to the full interview on your favorite podcast platform at [The European VC]( and gain a deeper understanding of the VC landscape.

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“A lot of people go into VC to retire.” 

William was, at the time, the youngest VC partner in Europe, and since then things have changed.

Listen to the 6th episode of The European VC with William McQuillan, Founding partner of Frontline Ventures, for tons of learnings for both VCs and founders!

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