Amir Kabir, General Partner at AV8 Ventures, Featured in Episode 216

**AV8 Ventures: Backing Early-Stage Start-ups in Healthcare, Enterprise, Financial Services, and Deep Tech**

Welcome to AV8 Ventures, a venture capital firm that specializes in backing early-stage start-ups focused on healthcare, enterprise, financial services, and deep tech. Our mission is to support founders in building category-defining companies, committing to long-term partnerships. As full lifecycle investors, we typically begin our partnerships with seed or series A investments.

Backed by Allianz, one of the world’s leading integrated financial services providers, AV8 Ventures brings together a team of experienced professionals. Our guest for this episode is Amir Kabir, General Partner at AV8, leading Fintech and Insurtech investing. With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, operator, and investor, Amir has been at the forefront of the Insurtech space.

In this conversation, Amir, Rob, and Lee dive into the world of AV8 Ventures, venture capital, the challenges faced by banks, and more. We invite you to join us for this insightful discussion.

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**Host**: Hey everybody, we’re here with our guest today, Amir Kabir, General Partner at AV8 Ventures. In this episode, we delve into AV8 Ventures’ focus on early-stage start-ups in various sectors and their commitment to building successful companies. Amir shares his insights on the venture capital world, the ongoing challenges faced by banks, and more. Let’s dive right in!

**Amir**: Thank you for having me on this podcast. I’m glad to be here and excited to discuss AV8 Ventures, our investment philosophy, and the exciting opportunities we’re exploring.

**Host**: AV8 Ventures is backed by Allianz, one of the leading financial services providers globally. Can you tell us more about the partnership and how it influences AV8 Ventures’ approach?

**Amir**: Absolutely. AV8 Ventures is backed by Allianz, but we operate as an independent venture capital firm. While we benefit from the support and resources of Allianz, we do not have a corporate VC mandate. We are a generalist fund with a focus on healthcare, enterprise, and fintech, including the Insurtech space. Additionally, we venture into deep tech, exploring cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. Our partnership with Allianz allows us to leverage their expertise and network, enabling us to provide valuable resources to our portfolio companies.

**Host**: AV8 Ventures is known for its early-stage investments. What motivates AV8 to be an early backer of companies?

**Amir**: The early stage is where we believe we can make the most impact in helping build successful companies. We have a team with a diverse range of experiences and expertise, which we bring to the table when partnering with early-stage start-ups. Being involved early allows us to work closely with founders, navigating the challenges and opportunities of scaling a business. We enjoy the excitement and ambiguity of the early stages, and we thrive on the opportunity to support ambitious entrepreneurs in their journey.

**Host**: Can you shed some light on AV8 Ventures’ investment strategy and the range of investments you make?

**Amir**: At AV8 Ventures, we typically invest in the range of two to three million dollars for our initial checks, although we have flexibility depending on the opportunity. Our investments can start at around half a million dollars and go up to four million dollars. We frequently lead rounds and focus on conviction-driven investments, either based on thorough research and understanding or recognizing the potential of a company and investing accordingly. Our goal is to partner for the long term and support companies from their early stages to later stages of growth.

**Host**: What is the driving force behind AV8 Ventures’ dedication to building category-defining companies?

**Amir**: We are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in building exceptional companies that redefine their respective industries. Our team’s background as entrepreneurs, operators, and investors provides us with a unique perspective and expertise that we bring to our partnerships. We aim to accelerate the growth and success of our portfolio companies by offering hands-on guidance, strategic insights, and valuable connections. We believe in the power of innovation and disruption and are committed to helping companies achieve their full potential.

**Host**: Thank you, Amir, for sharing these insights into AV8 Ventures’ approach and investment philosophy. It’s been a pleasure having you on the podcast!

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AV8 Ventures (AV8) backs early-stage start-ups focused on healthcare, enterprise, financial services and deep-tech. Their mission is to help founders build category-defining companies; they commit early and partner for the long term. While they are full lifecycle investors, AV8 typically starts their partnership with Seed or Series A investments. They are backed by Allianz, one of the leading integrated financial services providers worldwide.

Our guest for this episode is Amir Kabir, General Partner at AV8. Amir leads Fintech and Insurtech investing and has been one of the earliest investors in the insuretech space. Amir has been an entrepreneur, operator and investor with over 15 years of experience, working with early and mid-stage companies on financing, partnerships and strategic growth initiatives. Join Amir, Rob, and Lee on another great conversation diving into AV8, the venture capital world, bank crisis, and more.

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