Real-Life Behavior Targeting: The Weather Channel’s JOURNEYfx

## **Target Where it Counts! Advertising to Your Ideal Consumers Based on Location**

[![Weather Channel](https://image.jpg)](

Deliver your advertising message to your ideal consumers by leveraging the power of location. At [The Weather Channel](, we have partnered with [WMTW]( and developed JOURNEYfx, a revolutionary advertising tool powered by first-party location data.


With JOURNEYfx, we can visualize and analyze the movements, behaviors, and patterns of our users, painting a detailed portrait of your target audience. Whether you are targeting sports enthusiasts, tennis moms, check junkies, house flippers, house buyers, weddings on the way, babies on the way, or anyone else, JOURNEYfx knows them all.

By leveraging our world’s largest set of first-party location data, collected from our highly popular weather app used by over 200 million people, we can precisely target the most valuable consumers for your business.

Here’s how it works: JOURNEYfx displays a top 100,000 sports enthusiasts, showcasing their movements and the places they visit within a single day. This data allows us to fine-tune our targeting strategies and even identify any overlap with other consumer segments.

![JOURNEYfx Data Visualization](https://image.jpg)

We go beyond generic demographics and understand the specific locations your customers visit, helping you connect with them on a deeper level. JOURNEYfx enables businesses to start a conversation that ultimately leads to increased sales and brand engagement.

So, whether you want to target avid sports fans, tennis-loving moms, or any other demographic, JOURNEYfx is the perfect solution to deliver your advertising message to the right people, at the right time, in the right location.

Start optimizing your advertising strategy with JOURNEYfx, brought to you by [The Weather Channel]( and powered by IBM Business. Let us help you make the most of location data and turn it into growing success for your brand.

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Target where it counts! Deliver your advertising message to portraits of your ideal consumer based on places they visit and ensure your ads are served to the right customers.

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