BBC Radio Theatre Session 2: Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Emphasizing the Importance of Inclusion in Business at BBC

**Title: Inclusion Means Business: A Conversation with Ben Thompson and the COO Group at the London Broadcasting House**

Welcome to the radio theater at the London Broadcasting House! Join Ben Thompson and the COO Group as they discuss the importance of inclusion in the workplace. In this video, they delve into the diverse perspectives and experiences within their team, sharing personal stories and insights. Discover how they are working to create an inclusive environment and the steps they are taking to improve diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Throughout the conversation, Ben guides the discussion, asking thought-provoking questions and encouraging the panelists to reflect and share their thoughts. Lee tavasiva, the chief operating officer, gives an overview of the recent employee survey feedback, highlighting the positive progress they have made in terms of diversity and inclusion. The team discusses their commitment to continuously raise the bar and create an even more inclusive workplace for everyone.

This video is a part of the COO Group’s ongoing efforts to foster dialogue and learning around diversity and inclusion. By sharing their stories and experiences, they hope to encourage others to embrace uncomfortable conversations and grow through reflection and understanding.

**Keywords/Tags: COO Group, inclusion, workplace diversity, employee experience, London Broadcasting House**

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Directed by Anthony J. Cook

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