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**Manager of Harvard Medical School’s Morgue Indicted in Human-Remains Trafficking Conspiracy**

The manager of Harvard Medical School’s morgue, Cedric Lodge, has been indicted on federal charges for his involvement in a human-remains trafficking conspiracy. The conspiracy allegedly involved Lodge’s wife, Denise, and other individuals. According to the indictment filed in Pennsylvania, Lodge allowed buyers to enter the school’s morgue and choose body parts from donated cadavers. He would then transport heads, brains, skin, and bones to his home in New Hampshire.

**Appalling Betrayal of Victims and Their Families**

US Attorney Gerard M. Karam described the conspiracy as “particularly egregious” due to the fact that the victims had donated their remains for educational purposes and scientific advancement. Karam stated that these individuals and their families had been taken advantage of in the name of profit, which he found to be appalling.

**Buyers and Other Accused Individuals**

The indictment named Katrina MacLean, who ran a studio called “Kat’s Creepy Creations” in Salem, Massachusetts, and Joshua Taylor of West Lawn, Pennsylvania, as buyers involved in the conspiracy. Denise Lodge, Cedric’s wife, was accused of shipping the remains and operating a PayPal account that received $37,355 in proceeds from the trafficking.

**Harvard Medical School’s Response and Support for Victim Families**

Harvard Medical School’s deans expressed their shock and condemnation of the alleged crimes, labeling them “an abhorrent betrayal” in a statement. The school has set up a web page with resources for donor families and next of kin affected by the scandal.

**Arrests and Legal Proceedings**

All four defendants were arrested and had their court appearances. Cedric Lodge and his wife were released on conditions after appearing in federal court in New Hampshire. Their respective attorneys, Behzad Mirhashem and an attorney for Denise Lodge, have not provided immediate comments. Joshua Taylor pleaded not guilty in Pennsylvania and was subsequently released. His attorney, Christopher Opiel, declined to comment. Katrina MacLean appeared in court in Boston, and her attorney, Gordon Spencer, has not responded to requests for comment.

**Additional Charges in Relation to Arkansas Mortuary Employee**

Prosecutors also filed separate charges against an employee of a mortuary and crematorium in Little Rock, Arkansas. The employee is accused of selling and shipping the remains of two stillborn babies to Jeremy Pauley, a resident of Pennsylvania who was also charged in the case.

**Alleged Collaboration with MacLean**

Investigators claim that Cedric Lodge, the Harvard morgue manager, agreed to assist MacLean in finding skin to provide to Pauley, who intended to tan the skin and create leather. Additionally, MacLean reportedly agreed to purchase two dissected cadaver faces for $600 from Lodge in October 2020. According to the indictment, MacLean shipped human skin to Pauley in September 2021 and expressed concern for the package’s safe arrival, stating that she did not expect law enforcement agents at her door.

In conclusion, the manager of Harvard Medical School’s morgue, Cedric Lodge, has been indicted in a human-remains trafficking conspiracy. The alleged crimes have been labeled as an appalling betrayal, considering that the victims had donated their remains for educational purposes. The indictment names buyers involved in the conspiracy, as well as Lodge’s wife, who is accused of shipping the remains and operating a PayPal account connected to the trafficking. Harvard Medical School has expressed their shock and support for the victim families. Arrests have been made, and legal proceedings are underway. Additional charges have been filed against an employee at an Arkansas mortuary, as well as a Pennsylvania resident named Jeremy Pauley. The prosecution claims that Lodge collaborated with Katrina MacLean in providing body parts to Pauley.

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