Is Graham Stephan’s $250K Fund & Grow Program a Scam?

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The content of this video is meant for educational and entertainment purposes. It is important to make financial decisions that are suitable for your own circumstances.

## Video Description:

In this video, Chris Norlund exposes and discusses a scam being promoted by a YouTuber named Graham Stefan. Graham Stefan is known for promoting questionable financial schemes and is currently involved in a new scam. Chris reviews the details of the scam, its predatory nature, and the potential risks associated with it.

The scam being promoted by Graham Stefan’s other channel, the “Ice Coffee Hour,” is called “Fund and Grow.” It promises easy access to business credit of $250,000, which can be used for various get-rich-quick schemes such as online shopping, dropshipping, or real estate investments.

However, upon further investigation, it becomes clear that the scam involves stacking credit cards to take advantage of introductory interest rates. Graham Stefan and his associates encourage individuals to amass a large number of credit cards, exposing them to potential financial risks and high-interest rates in the future.

The business model of “Fund and Grow” preys on unsuspecting individuals, similar to the practices that contributed to the financial crisis. They charge a fee of $4,000 for their services, further exploiting vulnerable individuals.

Chris Norlund expresses concern for the young audience targeted by these financial predators. Many young individuals are lured into these scams, enticed by promises of easy money and a glamorous lifestyle. However, Chris emphasizes the importance of being aware of the potential consequences and urges caution when it comes to financial decisions involving credit cards and risky schemes.

As part of his mission to educate and protect viewers, Chris exposes these scams and presents alternative viewpoints to the popular narrative. While it might be more enticing to believe in the allure of quick riches, Chris aims to provide a counterbalance and shed light on the potential dangers associated with such schemes.

It is crucial to question the legitimacy of get-rich-quick schemes and recognize the responsibility of content creators to prioritize the financial well-being of their audience. By sharing these warnings and insights, Chris hopes to empower viewers to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to scams like the one promoted by Graham Stefan and his associates.


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  1. I've used Fund & Grow as a customer and had a great experience. They're a great company.

    Also, the sports betting isn't about picks. It's partnering with a syndicate. You don't even give them any money lol. They just need access to accounts. If you actually cared about the truth and not your nonsensical claims, you could have asked me and I'd be glad to explain to you what it is.

  2. While a horrible plan for most people, taking on debt is really the only way to increasing one's net wealth. Notice I said "net wealth" and not "net worth" and it was on purpose because IMHO, as your net wealth increases it doesnt mean your net worth does as well. A poor person that is civil in society has a higher net worth than many millionaires that are complete doosh bags.

    I actually did the credit card thing in 2007-08 as the economy and stock market was crashing and was able to buy some Ford Stock at $0.99/share. Again, I wouldnt recommend doing it for most people.

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