Possible disturbance could form off the southeast coast, resulting in heavy rainfall, strong winds, and rough surf

**FOX Weather Hurricane Specialist Bryan Norcross analyzes a potential tropical disturbance near the Bahamas and discusses the impact it may have on Memorial Day weekend.**

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In this video, Bryan Norcross, a renowned hurricane expert, breaks down the current tropical disturbance in the Atlantic near the Bahamas. He provides insights into the factors that may hinder its development, such as the unfavorable weather patterns and strong upper-level winds.

As an authority in weather forecasting, Bryan Norcross highlights the importance of advanced technology in predicting the odds of a system forming. With the availability of data and surveillance, forecasters can better understand and communicate the likelihood of tropical activity, even if the chances are low.

While the current disturbance is not expected to intensify, Bryan Norcross explains how it may still impact weather conditions on Memorial Day weekend. The presence of a persistent low-pressure system across the Southeast may lead to unpleasant weather, particularly along the Southeast coast and in Florida.

However, Bryan Norcross emphasizes that the strong upper-level winds associated with this system act as a barrier, preventing any potential tropical activity from developing near the East Coast and coastal waters. Therefore, the risk of a tropical storm disrupting Memorial Day plans remains low.

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FOX Weather Hurricane Specialist Bryan Norcross analyzes a tropical disturbance near the Bahamas in the Atlantic and discusses a potential disturbance that could form by Memorial Day weekend. #foxweather #weather #tropics

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