Exploring Global Opportunities with 83North, Passion Capital, and Accel Partners

**Title: A Discussion on Changes and Trends in the European Investment Landscape compared to the US**

In this YouTube video, Connie Loizos sits down with Laurel Bowden from 83North, Eileen Burbidge from Passion Capital, and Sonali De Rycker from Accel Partners to discuss the changes and trends in the European investment landscape and how it compares to the US. They explore topics such as the integration of European and US venture ecosystems, the availability of early-stage capital in Europe, the influx of US investors into Europe, and the rise of corporate venture and alternative sources of funding in Europe.

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*As Jordan said, we got a snapshot of what’s happening in Silicon Valley earlier today. Now, let’s focus on what’s happening in Europe and how European VCs are influenced by the US venture ecosystem.* – Connie Loizos

Sonali De Rycker, from Accel Partners, shares how they think of the European market as one global market, rather than two separate ecosystems. They invest in European companies, Eastern Europe, Israel, and other regions, with the goal of finding global category leaders. Capital markets are fungible and venture markets are no different. [^1^]

Laurel Bowden, from 83North, agrees that adventure is a local business at the early stages. However, when successful companies grow, they can demand funding from any VC, whether it’s a local VC, a US VC, or a Chinese VC. There are variances, but the goal is global success. [^2^]

Eileen Burbidge, from Passion Capital, states that there has been a significant increase in early-stage capital in Europe over the last few years. In London alone, there is now ten times more VC funding compared to five years ago. Local VCs are investing at the seed or early stage, but global success is still the goal. [^2^]

The panel also discusses the availability of later-stage capital in Europe. US investors, such as Tiger Global and Insight Venture Partners, are increasingly looking for value in Europe. Seven recent financings, worth nearly $100 million, were led by US investors. Excel has seen 70% of their follow-on financings led by US investors. This shows that momentum is building in Europe, attracting global players and capital. [^3^]

They also touch on the rise of non-traditional sources of funding in Europe. Corporate venture capital has become more prevalent, with companies like John Lewis and Virgin setting up incubators and accelerators. Additionally, family offices and investment from the Far East, including China and the Middle East, are becoming more common in the European tech scene. [^4^]

It’s clear that the European investment landscape is experiencing significant changes and growth, with opportunities for global success and diverse sources of funding. Watch the full video to gain a deeper understanding of these trends and their impact on the European tech ecosystem. [^1^][^3^][^4^]

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Connie Loizos sits down with 83North’s Laurel Bowden, Passion Capital’s Eileen Burbidge, and Sonali De Rycker of Accel Partners to discuss changes and trends in the European investment landscape and how they compare to the US.

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