“Paul McCartney Reveals How Artificial Intelligence Has Contributed in Crafting the Ultimate Beatles Hit Song”

AI Used to Create “Final” Beatles Song, Reveals Paul McCartney

In a recent announcement, legendary musician Paul McCartney revealed that a new Beatles song would soon be released, created with the help of artificial intelligence. The news underscores how the creative industries are utilizing advanced technology, even as regulators and lawmakers grapple with the ethical and legal issues it raises.

Key Facts

During his appearance on BBC’s Radio 4 Today program, McCartney said that “the final Beatles record” had already been completed with AI’s help and would be released later this year. Specifically, the technology was used to extract the late John Lennon’s voice from an old demo tape, thereby “extricating” the vocals from the instruments on the recording. Lennon’s “pure” vocals were then used to complete the decades-old song.

What We Don’t Know

Although McCartney did not name the song, speculations suggest that it could be titled “Now and Then,” one of several tapes that Lennon had made before his death in 1980. The song, which was reportedly abandoned over quality issues, was tough to restore than other revitalized versions of the band’s work.

News Peg

The use of AI to restore audio and support posthumous musical releases is increasingly common in the music industry. Furthermore, advances in AI and other technologies are giving AI the ability to create its own songs and perform music. Even deceased artists can take the stage in the form of holograms. However, such technologies have sparked several ethical questions concerning the ownership of creative works, including voice and image.

Further Reading

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