Nico Goulet from Adara Ventures features in EUVC #13

**Title: Dragons vs Unicorns: Navigating the Complexities of B2B Investing with Nico Goulet**

**Description:** Join Nico Goulet, the founding and managing partner of Adara Ventures, as he shares his expertise in B2B investments and discusses the secrets to successful portfolio strategy. With over 36 investments and a track record that includes the largest Spanish deep tech exit ever, Nico is a world-class thinker whose insights have inspired VCs across Europe.

In this episode of The European VC Podcast, you’ll discover why dragons may be a better bet than unicorns, the differences between pickers and allocators, and how to craft a winning strategy that convinces investors to stick with you through the highs and lows. Nico also offers valuable insights into portfolio modeling and the importance of coherence in the ever-changing landscape of venture capital.

**Key Takeaways:**
– Dragons vs Unicorns: Learn why B2B startups solving complex problems may provide better investment opportunities than the popular unicorn craze.
– Pickers vs Allocators: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different investment strategies to make informed decisions.
– Crafting a Winning Strategy: Find out how to create a compelling narrative that attracts investors and sustains their support during market fluctuations.
– Portfolio Strategy & Modeling: Gain insights into Nico’s approach to building a successful portfolio and the importance of staying coherent in a constantly evolving industry.

To listen to the full episode and explore more valuable content about venture capital, investing, and startups, follow us on your preferred podcast platform or visit []( For founders seeking international funding opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for introductions to international VCs investing in European markets.

**Guest:** Nico Goulet is the managing partner of Adara Ventures, a European VC firm based in Madrid, Spain. With a focus on early-stage deep tech companies, Adara Ventures manages over €180 million in investments, supporting startups that tackle complex problems and prioritize engineering productivity and innovation. Learn more about Adara Ventures and their portfolio at [](

**Portfolio Highlights:**
– AlienVault: Discover the success story of AlienVault, a Madrid-based cybersecurity company that Adara Ventures invested in. AlienVault’s advanced software for threat management led to a successful sale to AT&T in 2018, making it the largest software sale for a Spanish-born B2B company.
– Seedtag: Learn about Seedtag, a contextual advertising company that experienced record-breaking revenue growth and expansion into nine European countries. Founded by former Googlers in 2015, Seedtag has quickly become a leading player in the ad tech industry. Their success places them fifth in reach among powerful advertising companies in Europe, including Google and Facebook.

Stay tuned for an engaging conversation as Nico shares his insights on B2B investing, portfolio management, and the entrepreneurial journey. This episode is brought to you by The European VC Podcast, your go-to resource for all things venture capital in Europe.

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Nico Goulet is founding and managing partner of Adara Ventures where they focus exclusively on B2B startups solving complex problems with breakthrough solutions. Adara are behind 36 investments and are responsible for the exit of AlienVault – the largest Spanish deep tech exit ever. Nico is a world-class thinker whose teaching at INSEAD and IE Business School has inspired VCs across all of Europe.
In this episode you’ll learn:
• Why dragons are often a better bet than unicorns.
• The difference between pickers and allocators and what each strategy’s strengths and weaknesses are
• How to craft a strategy and story that will convince investors to invest and stick with you through three busts and booms.
• How Nico thinks about portfolio strategy, modelling and the importance of staying coherent

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