Navigating China’s Unemployment Surge: Exploring Alternative Paths for Young People, Including “New Jobs” and “Lying Flat”

**Title: China’s Economic Downturn and Rising Unemployment: Strategies for Young People**


In this video, we discuss the growing economic downturn and geopolitical crisis in China, which has led to a significant increase in unemployment rates among young people. According to recent statistics, the urban youth unemployment rate in China exceeded 20% for the first time in April 2023. This alarming trend has left many college graduates struggling to find employment opportunities.

As a result, young Chinese people have devised innovative methods to make a living in this challenging situation. One popular strategy is for them to return home and become “full-time children or nannies” to their parents. By living with their parents and contributing their labor in exchange for financial support, these young individuals hope to continue their studies and ultimately achieve their career goals.

With an estimated 40 million college graduates from 2020 to 2023, many of whom have experienced the pressures of both the pandemic and a decline in the job market, this video explores the reasons why the role reversal of children taking care of their families has become their last resort. It also sheds light on the impact of China’s competitive education system and the diminishing value of a college degree in the current job market.

Through interviews, real-life examples, and discussions on social media platforms, we delve into the challenges faced by young Chinese people and the choices they are making to navigate this difficult economic landscape. Join us as we explore the impacts of China’s economic downturn on its youth and discuss potential strategies for future success.

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With the economic downturn and geopolitical crisis intensifying, 17% of Chinese companies have started laying off employees, and 43% of the companies surveyed plan to lay off employees or stop hiring in the coming year, leaving fewer jobs for young people. What should they do in such a situation? Young Chinese people have come up with various new tricks to make a living.
Move No. 1 is to return home and become a “full-time child or nanny to one’s parents”

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  1. What’s wrong with taking care of the family if there is such a need? Nanny/private nurse/chef all need to be paid. If one’s job doesn’t get higher pay than employing someone to take care of the family, then he/she better take up the job of taking care of the family! After all, who will have a more caring heart for the elderly? a family member or a nanny?

  2. Overpopulation leads to more competition and more scarcity of resources. There will eventually be a crash as more people will be living under poverty, more illness and death, more suicides, and people will stop having children as they realize that it causes more hardship to raise a family under poverty. It is already happening in the West. In Japan, there are more suicides and people are also not having children anymore. China will also see the same trends soon. Indian will have more people starving, malnourished, and ill due to pollution and other factors.

  3. So… Asian families are living together again like they used to and the American perception of living on your own entirely just after schooling is a ridiculous scam all along? It just means more renters and less resources saved within the family itself overall. I don't understand how so many people got hoodwinked into thinking this is a good system.

  4. This sounds almost like NYC the past 5 years. My gen Z siblings arent moving out of my moms house, its unaffordable and they refuse to do what i do, AKA work everyday and spend like 80% of my income on rent. They're smarter. They refuse to buy into the illusion we bought, and go into debt for a degree without a guaranteed job. They both work, help my mom with bills and maintenence, and have helped her renovate the house to suit them as adults now, since my dad died and they have a little extra space now. ❤. The kids are smart. They have both started their own businesses. They saw student loan debt issues with my mom and I and refused to deal with it. They're showing us the way. I feel like we should study them more.

  5. 👉Look at what these useless governments have turned us into!!!!! Since when taking care of our parents was a full time job, and working for the government, AN OBLIGATION????????????😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 When were the roles reversed??????? How do you consider living at home, a job??????? S0orcerers are ruling the world , leading people to worship money against the DIVINE norms of long life!!!!!😡😡😡😡

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