Moving Forward: Reflecting on Ian’s Departure
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In this Fox 4 news segment, Chris Earl discusses the progress Southwest Florida has made in moving forward after hurricane Ian. He highlights one specific business, Heavenly Biscuit, which was destroyed during the hurricane and is now trying to make a comeback. Join us as we see how the new owners, Tyler and Kayla, have transformed their idea into a food truck venture. With the ability to go anywhere, they hope to reconnect with their loyal customers and bring the Heavenly Biscuit experience to them. Witness the potential success of this breakfast spot and support local businesses as we all strive to rebuild.

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There’s one element we’ve all learned as we approach nine months since hurricane Ian – life moves on. Last month, I stood right here on a Friday night and talked about the High School class of 2023 and how we all need to remember their experiences from a pandemic for years to come.

Here in Southwest Florida, surviving Hurricane Ian has been no easy feat. On a related note, I moved my youngest into college today at Florida Atlantic and just became an empty nester. Life moves on, as they say.

But there’s one Fort Myers Beach business that is desperately trying to come back from the devastation caused by Ian. Heavenly Biscuit, a charming cottage with a dedicated customer base, was completely wiped out. However, the new owners, Tyler and Kayla, are not giving up. So far, they have transformed their dream into a food truck venture. With wheels to take them anywhere, they aim to reconnect with their loyal customers and bring back the heavenly breakfast experience.

However, their success relies on the support of the people. After airing our story on Fox 4 News, the Heavenly Biscuit Facebook page received an overwhelming response. Tyler and Kayla are extremely thankful for the excitement and support they have received. Now, it’s up to us to show our support by visiting their food truck and helping them rebuild.

Heavenly Biscuit is not just any essential business, but a place where people can enjoy a morning on vacation or indulge as locals living their best life in Fort Myers Beach. As we hope for the return of all businesses on Estero Island, let’s not just root for them from a distance. It’s not enough to post on Facebook. We need to actively contribute by stopping in and making a purchase. Only then can we help these beloved establishments thrive again.

Join Chris Earl as he tells the story of Heavenly Biscuit and the fight to rebuild after Hurricane Ian. Watch the video for breathtaking footage of Fort Myers Beach before the hurricane, reminding us all of what we loved about this place. Together, let’s support our favorite local hideaways throughout Southwest Florida and ensure their successful comeback.

Source: [Fox 4 News](

Fox 4’s Chris Earl has your Friday Half Full on how SWFL is moving forward after Ian, and what you can do to help the process.

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