Unveiling ‘Woke’: How the political buzzword is influencing the 2024 GOP primary race

**Title:** Exposing the Truth about “Wokeness” in Politics – Ron DeSantis and the Republican Presidential Candidates


During his remarkable journey from Florida governor to becoming one of the frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination, Ron DeSantis has boldly taken on the anti-“wokeness” movement, which has become a defining issue in the political landscape.

In a recent campaign stop in Iowa, DeSantis firmly declared, “The woke mind virus represents a war on the truth.” The concept of “wokeness” has gained significant traction among GOP hopefuls, with its definition proving to be a complex and evolving topic.

But what exactly does “wokeness” mean? In this thought-provoking video, 10 Tampa Bay’s Aaron Parsigian thoroughly examines the origins of this term and how it has manifested in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. And guess what? Florida seems to be the place where “woke” loses its power.

DeSantis’s rallying cry against wokeness has struck a chord with many Americans. A sentiment echoed by numerous Republican candidates who see it as a force that imposes the preferences of a small minority onto the majority. It has infiltrated our institutions, corrupting the very fabric of our society.

However, the term itself may be perplexing for some. As DeSantis himself admits, many people struggle to define what “wokeness” truly entails. Notably, he likens it to a type of “cultural Marxism,” emphasizing its focus on identity politics and the dilution of merit and achievement.

Yet, it is crucial to explore the historical roots of “wokeness.” Originally employed by black Americans to draw attention to inequalities, the term has evolved over time. Even the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used it to urge young students to be aware of societal issues during his commencement address at Morehouse College in the late ’50s.

Nevertheless, the current usage of “wokeness” by Republican candidates differs significantly from its original intent. It has become an umbrella term associated with politically liberal ideologies, often characterized as unreasonable.

Undeniably, the fight against “wokeness” has become a central platform for Republican contenders, and according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, it holds greater importance to Republican primary voters than even preserving Social Security.

Unravel the complexities surrounding the “wokeness” phenomenon with Aaron Parsigian as he engages in an enlightening conversation with Dr. Randl Jelks, a respected history professor at the University of Kansas. Discover the origins of the term and gain a deeper understanding of its significance in today’s political landscape.

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During his rise from Florida governor to defining conservative voice and now one of the top Republican presidential candidates, Ron DeSantis has made anti-“wokeness” a rallying cry.

“The woke mind virus represents a war on the truth,” DeSantis said during a campaign stop in Iowa last weekend.

Across a growing field of GOP hopefuls, warring with “wokeness” has emerged as a defining issue, even if its definition is hard to summarize and change from its historical roots.

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  1. "Buddha" means: "the awakened one". Woke to reality. Perceptive. Rational. You'd have to be insanely lost and evil — bitterly estranged and confused, to hate other human beings for expanding their consciousness and enjoying their lives. Unfortunately, there are many here among us who are that way. Unconscious. I vote Woke.

  2. “Marxism is for miserable people who have nothing else going on in their lives”- james lindsay.

    These wokesters are being used similar to how nazis were used in ww2. They were scattered throughout Europe in various industries with the sole purpose to sabotage. Hence the go woke go broke motto.

  3. Woke is the theme to let corporate TV like this give excuses for corrupt politicians not to talk about real issues like health care, living wages, criminal justice reform, infrastructure and housing. The media will never push corporate politicians who work for their corporate oligarchs to stay on topic with real economic issues.

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