Shaiya Mania EP5.4: Full INT Oracle Invades Iris (Capital Dark)

**Title:** Shaiya Mania: PvP Focused Server with Free Set and Instant Level 70!


Join the Shaiya Mania community and experience an exciting PvP-focused server with a multitude of features! With a 99.5% uptime, our server offers a free set as your starting gear, instant level 70 to jump right into the action, and a Kill multiplier of x5 (x7 during events) for intense battles.

Experience Shaiya as it was meant to be with original Skills & status, allowing for authentic gameplay. Our Raid system supports up to 150 members, providing you with an immersive cooperative experience. Additionally, you’ll find a wide array of costumes, wings, and pets to personalize your character, as well as numerous active quests to embark on.

Earn Aps through quests, kills, and drops to enhance your character’s abilities and set yourself apart from others. Our dedicated staff ensures constant support and interaction with the community, making your experience on Shaiya Mania unforgettable.

**Key Features:**

– Ress leader and local teleportation systems
– Guild formation with just 2 players
– Shift to sing tag command
– Teleport and optimization commands for convenience
– Map invasions for thrilling PvP encounters
– Notifications for boss spawns and deaths

Embark on an incredible journey with Shaiya Mania and be a part of our thriving community. Don’t wait, join us today!

🔹 Official Website: [Shaiya Mania](
🔹 Official Discord: [Join the Shaiya Mania Community](

*Source: [Shaiya Mania](*

Informações: 💫

✨Servidor 99,5% grátis e focado em PvP;
✨ Set principal gratuito;
✨ Level 70 instantâneo;
✨ Kill x5 (padrão) e x7 (evento);
✨ Skills & status originais;
✨ Raid com 150 membros;
✨ Diversidade de trajes, asas e pets;
✨ Diversas quests ativas;
✨ Aps em quests, kills e drop;
✨ Staff diretamente ativa.

Sistemas: 💫

✨ Ress líder e local;
✨ Summon e teleporte universal;
✨ Guilda formada com 2 jogadores;
✨ Cantar tag com o shift;
✨ Comandos de teleporte e otimização;
✨ Invasão de mapas para PvP;
✨ Notificações quando bosses nascem e morrem.

✨ Junte-se a nós você também e participe da comunidade Shaiya Mania.

✨ Links oficiais:

🔹 Website:

🔹 Discord:

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