Meg Destroys Divorce Papers After Witnessing Haz’s Rebranding Talent! Seeking Assistance from Palace PR Machine

**Title: Meg BURNED DIVORCE PAPER After Discovering Haz’s Rebranding Ability! I Need Palace PR Machine**


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In this video, we discuss the intriguing topic of Meg burning divorce papers after discovering Haz’s rebranding ability. We delve into the dynamics of the royal family and the need for a palace PR machine. Watch the video to uncover the secrets and intricacies of the British monarchy.

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In this video, we explore the complexities of Meg and Haz’s relationship, focusing on the burning of divorce papers and the potential for rebranding. Join us as we analyze their actions and discuss the implications for the royal family.

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Meg BURNED DIVORCE PAPER After Discover Haz’s Rebranding Ability! I Need Palace PR Machine
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  1. She’ll ride the RF cart until the wheels fall off then expect someone to replace the wheels as she demands to be called Duchess because she’s irrelevant without Harry. She don’t need to get it twisted Harry was the draw not her. When someone said that in Harry’s book after doing military maneuvers he thought how easy it would have been to kill his Dad, Who in their right mind would even think that little lone put it in a book for the world to read? That means he not only thought it he wanted everyone else to know he did as well. He had plenty of time to reflect on a negative thought like that and realize it was destructive thinking but he put it in intentionally knowing the consequences and how people would interpret it he has no idea if it would bring harm and apparently didn’t care, that’s the disturbing part. She doesn’t need to back away from the book either she’s his wife I’m sure she read it.

  2. What in the hell, Meaghan is causing this Divorce alot of money cause now a second lot of Divorce papers will cost again,. Meaghan isn't going to stop burning them but if Harry gets his thinking going, he needs to have the Divorce papers taken to her and then having the person wait there till Meaghan signs them.

  3. Harry do not mention your
    Future plans to MEGHAN…

    Divorce! Cut HER OFF! And no more BUSINESS
    Deals with cheating LIAR. She is not to be trusted.
    When you get DIVORCED you owe that mean WOMAN ZILCH!!!
    Free. Happy AND a new
    Then do your best and you'll be Fine🎉
    Good luck!!

  4. Royal Family have known Harry has mental illness all his life. Asperger's? The Queen covered for Harry's mental illness. And all his meanness. Charles said recently, "I regret not getting Harry the help he needed long ago."
    I feel that the Queen covered for Harry because of her sorrow that his mother died. Instead of addressing his evident mental illness, she forced him into the army. Then he reinstated for a second service.
    I think the Queen thought the army would make him into a man. That didnt work.
    Then when Harry wanted to marry Meghan, the Queen had hopes that marriage and responsibility would make him a man.
    The Queen never apparently saw Harry as mentally ill. And apparently Charles did but had to bow to his mother's wishes.
    The more Harry is revealed, the more I think he has Asperger's. I also think that since he is known to have beaten some of his ladies nearly to death that he could turn murderous in a blink of an eye.

  5. I doubt this is the real prince Harry you portray. I hope this isn't a plan to get rid of him. Family is family and a father and a brother should reach out to the one who seems to have gone astray. Realize that he got involved with the wrong woman who had an evil plan for the prince. Isolate him from his family, brainwash him so that he forgets who he is, feed him hallucinating substances on top of psychological problems, abusing him emotionality, the list goes on. Instead of turning on him, reach out to help him. Get him and his children away from that up to no good actress. Omg, I really hope all this was not planned by insiders to rid the fa

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