Lisa Marie Presley’s Demise: Unraveling the Tragic Mystery of Bowel Obstruction

**What Caused Lisa Marie Presley’s Death?**

Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, died as a result of a small bowel obstruction, a severe complication of bariatric surgery that she had undergone years ago, according to a recently released autopsy report. This article provides insights into what happened to Lisa Marie Presley and the risks associated with bariatric surgery.

**The Tragic Event**

On January 12, Lisa Marie Presley was found unresponsive at her home and was immediately taken to a hospital in the Los Angeles area. Sadly, she passed away a few hours later. The autopsy revealed that the cause of her death was complications related to a small bowel obstruction, which was a result of scar tissue formation following her bariatric surgery. Additionally, she had developed a dangerous buildup of acids in her blood.

**Understanding Bariatric Surgery**

Bariatric surgery is a type of surgery performed on the stomach or intestines to promote weight loss. It is primarily done when other weight loss methods have proven ineffective. There are various types of bariatric procedures, including stomach reduction and rerouting, as well as the placement of a band around the stomach to reduce its size. It is unclear which specific procedure Lisa Marie Presley had undergone, although it wasn’t a sleeve gastrectomy, the most common type of bariatric surgery.

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) reports that around 263,000 bariatric surgeries were performed in 2021. However, only about 1% of eligible individuals actually receive this surgery.

**Assessing the Risk**

Overall, bariatric surgery is considered to be a relatively safe procedure. According to Dr. Marina Kurian, the president of ASMBS, the risk of major complications is approximately 4%, and the risk of death is around 0.1%. In fact, bariatric surgery is considered to be safer than other common surgeries such as gallbladder surgery.

**Potential Complications**

One possible complication of bariatric surgery is the formation of scar tissue, known as adhesions, in the abdomen area. These adhesions can lead to kinks and blockages in the intestine. In the case of Lisa Marie Presley, it was found that her entire intestine had twisted, resulting in a complete blockage. Without prompt medical intervention, this blockage can lead to the strangulation of the bowel and cause a range of life-threatening issues. In Presley’s case, the buildup of acids in her body became toxic and her heart stopped, as stated in the autopsy report.

The autopsy report revealed that Presley had experienced abdominal pain and feelings of illness on the morning of her death. However, it is uncertain whether this pain was a new occurrence. Experts suggest that individuals who have undergone abdominal surgery should promptly seek medical attention if they experience any abdominal pain. Early diagnosis and treatment can help mitigate potential problems.

In conclusion, Lisa Marie Presley’s untimely death was the result of a small bowel obstruction caused by scar tissue formation after her bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery, although generally safe, carries a small risk of complications. Prompt medical intervention is essential in addressing any potential issues that may arise following the surgery.

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