In-depth Discussion: Highlights from South Summit 2020 featuring Eduard Castañeda (Walbox) & Carlos Fisch (Seaya Ventures)

# Energy & Sustainability Track; Conversation with Carlos Fisch and Eduard Castañeda

Welcome to the Energy & Sustainability Track! In this video, we have a conversation with Carlos Fisch, Partner at Seaya Ventures, and Eduard Castañeda, Chief Product Officer at Wallbox Chargers.

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In this discussion, Carlos and Eduard delve into the world of investing in energy and sustainability companies. They provide insights into the electrification process and the impact of the pandemic on this industry.

As one of the spearheads of the electric electrification process in Europe, Eduard talks about how the pandemic has influenced their efforts. Despite initial concerns, the transition period of quarantine has shown the importance of environmentally-friendly transportation. The shift towards private transportation has only fueled the investment in electromobility.

Carlos continues the conversation by sharing his thoughts on hot areas within the energy transition and smart mobility sectors. He highlights the push for user safety and the green recovery as significant trends that are driving the industry. Seaya Ventures has been actively investing in smart mobility and energy, focusing on multi-modal platforms, energy management solutions, and demand side management.

Join us in this engaging conversation as Carlos and Eduard shed light on the future of energy and sustainability.

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Energy & Sustainability Track; Conversation with:
– Carlos Fisch, Partner – Seaya Ventures
– Eduard Castañeda, Chief Product Officer – Wallbox Chargers

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