Key Takeaways from Shareholder Letter Shared by Erdene Resource Development’s CEO

**Title: Erdene Resource Development’s 2023 Letter to Shareholders: Unlocking Mongolia’s Mining District**

Welcome to Erdene Resource Development’s latest update! In this CEO interview, Peter Akerley shares the highlights from our 2023 Letter to Shareholders, showcasing the exciting milestones achieved by our company.

We are proud to announce that Erdene Resource Development has established a strategic alliance, bringing us closer to the production phase of the Bayan Khundii Gold Project. With our continued exploration success in the Khundii Minerals District, located in southwestern Mongolia, we are focused on unlocking a high-grade mining district that holds incredible potential.

Be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates on our near-term catalysts, including drill results, feasibility updates, and the beginning of construction in 2024. As we work towards our long-term vision, we are committed to providing a sustainable mining future for Mongolia.

Join us as we explore the exciting world of mining, investment opportunities, and the incredible potential of Mongolian mining. As avid investors, we understand the importance of staying informed and seizing opportunities in the stock market. Follow our progress as we shape the mining industry and create success stories for all stakeholders.

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Erdene Resource Development President & CEO Peter Akerley joins Natalie Stoberman from the Proactive studios to share highlights from the company’s 2023 Letter to Shareholders.

Akerley says the letter highlights recent milestones from entering a strategic alliance to bring the Bayan Khundii Gold Project to production, while continuing to see exploration success in its Khundii Minerals District in southwestern Mongolia. Akerley says the company is focused on its long-term vision of unlocking a high-grade mining district in Mongolia while also developing near-term catalysts including drill results, feasibility updates, and the start of construction in 2024.

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