Johnny Knoxville: Devastating Brain Injuries in ‘Jackass Forever’ – Unveiling the Real-Life Risks

**The Prank Panel: Johnny Knoxville’s New Creative Pursuit**

Johnny Knoxville, the renowned daredevil and star of “Jackass,” is no stranger to head injuries. Throughout his career, he has experienced more than a dozen concussions, but his most recent one was different. As a result, Knoxville has been instructed by doctors to find a safer way to chase his adrenaline fix. His latest endeavor is with his “Jackass Forever” co-star Eric Andre and Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe on their new series, “The Prank Panel,” which premieres Sunday on ABC.

Transitioning to Safer Work

Doing work suitable for network television has been a major adjustment for the 52-year-old thrill-seeking stuntman. He suffered serious brain injuries during the filming of the fourth and final “Jackass” film, released in 2022, after getting rammed by a bull. This led to nearly a year of depression and mental health struggles, which ultimately made him swear off such daring stunts. Although he loves performing them, Knoxville now realizes that he can no longer risk concussions and other serious injuries.

“The Prank Panel” as an Alternative

“The Prank Panel” is a spoof on reality competition shows, where participants pitch ideas for pranks to the three hosts, Knoxville, Andre, and Sidibe. If convinced of the prank’s merits, the hosts will provide financial support, resources, and assistance from a sponsor to execute the prank on an unwitting victim. The series offers Knoxville a chance to maintain his thrill-seeking nature in a safer and more controlled environment.

Pushing Boundaries on Network Television

Knoxville expressed his surprise when he discovered that his attempts to push boundaries on the network show were met with minimal resistance. He initially worried about being more restrained, but realized that the network could censor his words or edit around explicit content. To his delight, the show managed to get away with more than he anticipated. Knoxville even jokingly mentioned being sued by a handyman as a result of one of the pranks, but his publicist intervened before he could elaborate.

The Art of the Prank

Pranks can take various forms and have different objectives. Some pranks are known for their social or political commentary, like Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat.” Others aim to make the victim a champion, as seen in the recent cult series “Jury Duty.” Throughout his career, Knoxville has refined his theory of pranking, ultimately aspiring to shock and bewilder his subjects, rather than making them look foolish.

Navigating the Current Comedy Climate

Knoxville and the rest of the “Jackass” stars have found themselves largely immune to the criticisms leveled against some comedians regarding political correctness and cancel culture. While some may find their content distasteful or crossing the line, Knoxville believes that it won’t genuinely upset anyone. However, he acknowledges that comedy in other areas has become more challenging in the current climate.

Prioritizing Mental Health

In addition to the physical adjustments he has had to make, Knoxville has also become more aware of the importance of mental health. His experience with long-term brain injuries has opened his eyes to the broader issue. He encourages anyone suffering from depression or intrusive thoughts to seek help from psychiatrists and doctors, reassuring them that it is possible to overcome these challenges.


Johnny Knoxville’s transition from high-risk stunts to a more controlled and safer pursuit through “The Prank Panel” showcases his adaptability and commitment to his craft. The series allows him to continue entertaining audiences while taking his health and well-being into consideration. By embracing change and utilizing his unique skills, Knoxville is proving that there are always alternative paths to pursue one’s passions.

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