Taking Too Little Risk in Life: Espen Malmo, Christopher Vonheim, BYNN & Skyfall Ventures

### Building a VC Fund: Insights from Espen Malmo, Managing Partner at Skyfall VC

In this informative video, Espen Malmo, Managing Partner at Skyfall VC, shares valuable insights on how to successfully build a venture capital (VC) fund. Skyfall Ventures specializes in investing in high-growth potential startup companies with a strong founding team.

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With extensive experience in the industry, Espen Malmo provides expert guidance on the key strategies and considerations for establishing a successful VC fund. Whether you are an aspiring investor or an entrepreneur seeking investment opportunities, this video offers invaluable knowledge to help you navigate the world of venture capital.

Throughout the video, Espen collaborates with renowned influencers Christopher Vonheim and William Frantzen, both of whom are active in the investment and startup ecosystem. Connect with Christopher and William on their social media profiles below:

Christopher Vonheim:

William Frantzen:

This video is presented by BYNN, a leading media platform that focuses on bringing insightful content to entrepreneurs and investors alike. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends by following BYNN on their social media channels:


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the inner workings of a successful VC fund. Watch the video now!

【Video Transcript】:
*Full transcript of the video is available at the original source.*


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Espen Malmo er Managing Partner i Skyfall VC og forteller hvordan man bygger et VC-fond. Skyfall Ventures investerer i oppstartsselskaper med stort vekstpotensiale og med et solid founding team. Noen av selskapene Skyfall har investert i er, Nabobil og Tise.

Christopher Vonheim:

William Frantzen:


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